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Progressive Social Media Philosopher Unlocks the Real Culprit Behind Christianity’s Woes

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“Dr.” Kevin M. Young has unlocked a mystery that has baffled theologians for centuries. With the clatter of his keyboard, he has pinpointed the downfall of modern Christianity, and it’s nothing so profound as a departure from biblical truth or a failure to preach Christ and Him crucified. No, according to Young, the greatest stumbling block to the Gospel today is the egregious sin of using terms he finds objectionable toward the sexually immoral. Move over Augustine, get out of the way John Calvin, Young has cracked the code! Now, if we would just align our language to his liking, the world would presumably fall in love with Jesus. How astonishingly simple.

The wisdom of “Dr.” Young, who has single-handedly diagnosed the greatest ailment of Christianity today, excoriates those who dare to refer to militant, sex-obsessed perverts as such, as the root cause of the rejection of the church. If only Paul could have foreseen that the keys to evangelistic success were to be found in this guy’s Twitter feed.

With a sweeping condemnation of phrases he finds distasteful, “Dr.” Young appears to have unlocked the door to a flood of conversions. No longer need we wrestle with the deep-seated rebellion of the human heart or the enmity between sinful man and a holy God. Forget those trifling matters. The grand solution to rejection, disbelief, and hostility toward the Gospel is evidently a vocabulary makeover. Who knew that knowing what the “+” means in LGBTQ+ has been the culprit all along? It’s almost embarrassing that we’ve missed something so obvious.

“Dr.” Young’s argument, if one can dignify it with such a term, not only reduces the profound issue of the rejection of Christ to a mere game of semantics but also appoints himself as the arbiter of love and the true representation of Jesus. “No one wants your love or the Jesus you claim to represent,” he declares. Well, that settles it, doesn’t it? A tweet has spoken, and all of Christendom must bow.

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Let’s be clear: The Bible, not the musings of a modern-day social media philosopher, is the authority on what constitutes love, truth, and the proper representation of Christ. It tells us that the Gospel will be a stumbling block and foolishness to those who are perishing (1 Corinthians 1:18). It calls us to faithfully proclaim the Word, not to kowtow to the whims of a culture that rejects the very idea of objective truth.

To suggest that the grand solution to the rejection of the Gospel is a mere change in phraseology is to grossly misunderstand the nature of sin, the holiness of God, and the need for redemption through Christ. It is a naive, superficial, and frankly absurd argument that distracts from the true issue at hand.

The real problem is not our choice of words but the rejection of the divine truth as revealed in the Scriptures. “Dr.” Young’s tweet, filled with progressive, anti-conservatism, anti-Christian sentiment, is a red herring that seeks to divert attention from the actual dilemma—sin and the need for repentance—and attempts to shift the blame onto those who actually believe what the Bible says about morality and faith.

If anything, the tweet is a brilliant demonstration of how shallow and foolish the arguments against biblical orthodoxy have become. The world needs the unchanging Gospel of Christ, not a sanitized version that panders to the preferences of those who oppose it. That is the love that every soul needs, and that is the Jesus we must continue to preach, regardless of how it’s received by those who hate Him.


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