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Abortion is Nothing More Than a Sexual Fetish, Women Are Not Victims

by | Jul 18, 2023 | Abortion, Blog, Cult, Feminism, Opinion, Politics, Religion, Social-Issues, US | 0 comments

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In the maelstrom of our continually metamorphosing society, a singular issue continually fuels the fires of contention, setting minds and hearts ablaze: the matter of abortion. This contentious topic cleaves society with an almost surgical precision, causing a chasm of polarizing views, where one faction defiantly stands in stark defiance against the will and laws of God.

Proponents of the so-called pro-choice movement shamelessly plead their case under the banners of “personal sovereignty” and “bodily autonomy”, echoing the chilling refrain, “my body, my choice,” in an almost hypnotic mantra. These people degrade their unborn children to the status of mere parasites, an inconvenience to be disposed of at will.

Within the eye of this storm, we never lose sight of an unsettling and sobering, but alarmingly increasing trend: the perverse sexual pleasure derived from extinguishing an unborn child’s life by those in the pro-abortion movement. It is one of the most chilling manifestations of a condition ominously labeled “total depravity.”

Just look at these pictures. Do these women look like victims?

Proverbs 8:36 enlightens us with the dire consequences of such a stance: “But those who fail to find me harm themselves; all who hate me love death.” This ancient wisdom does indeed speak to the intrinsic value and sanctity of life, as well as the sacred duty we carry to respect, preserve, and protect it. When we flagrantly disregard the sovereign giver of life, the Almighty God, we inflict injury upon not just ourselves, but others as well, becoming living, breathing embodiments of the very concept of “loving death” that this Scripture so solemnly warns us against.

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When analyzing the pro-choice movement with this spiritual wisdom in mind, an alarming revelation surfaces. A staggering and disturbingly large set of these pro-abortion activists seem to relish the macabre power that accompanies their capacity to act as the arbiter of life and death for an innocent and indefinsible unborn child. This malignant mindset carries with it a haunting echo of sadomasochism, a dark landscape where power, control, and even the infliction and endurance of pain become perverse sources of pleasure. The alarming prevalence of such perspectives within this discourse cannot and must not be dismissed or trivialized.

This grotesque perversion of power and pleasure starkly mirrors the “love of death and hatred of God” condemned in Proverbs 8:36. It flies in the face of biblical teachings that promote genuine love, respect for human dignity, and unyielding protection of the most vulnerable and innocent among us. It is diametrically opposed to the tenets of Christianity, an affront to the sanctity of life as defined by God Himself. The culture of death and disregard for life that pervades the pro-choice movement is a potent reminder of our need to reaffirm our commitment to life, respect, and dignity. It is an alarm, demanding our attention, calling us to stand for the value and sanctity of life in the face of this grave moral crisis.

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