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Rick Warren Lies About John MacArthur to Defend Women in the Pulpit

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In March, we reported about Russell Moore’s interview with a defiant Rick Warren, a character steeped in controversy due to his contentious views on ordaining women as pastors and his endless list of false and compromised teachings. Undeterred by his former church’s expulsion from the Southern Baptist Convention, Warren openly challenges what are clear directives in Scripture, specifically in 1 Timothy 2 and 1 Corinthians 14, which many interpret as prohibitions against female pastors.

Far from accepting these widely-held interpretations, Warren brazenly claims there are hundreds of valid understandings, suggesting that the Southern Baptist community should tolerate such differences. His belittlement of this critical issue, reducing it to a mere disagreement over staff titles, is deeply troubling.

Warren’s rebellious and contentious twisting of Scripture is just a reminder of his penchant for challenging sound doctrine. His divisive stance on women’s ordination has stoked an intense debate, while casting a glaring spotlight on the Southern Baptist Convention and its approach to biblical interpretation.

In that same interview, Rick Warren told Russell Moore that the reason his church baptized 57 thousand people is because the church allowed women to run rampant, baptizing whoever they want to so long as they “led them to Christ.” Also, in that same interview, Warren brazenly lied about John MacArthur, and told Russell Moore that studying Acts 2:17 is what led him to believe that women are allowed to be pastors. Warrent says he’s read 300 commentaries, and most of them agree with him, but people who don’t like it skip over that passage and don’t address it. He then says that John MacArthur skipped that passage.

“Russell, I’ve looked at over 300 commentaries on those verses, and it’s interesting to me that almost everybody goes, yep,” Warren said. “In the in the church, everybody gets to play, everybody gets to preach, everybody gets to prophesy. And the people don’t like that. Ignore that verse. John MacArthur doesn’t even cover that verse. He just skips over it.”

A brazen lie. Of course John MacArthur addresses this, extensively in his commentary (see screenshots below). And he’s also preached on this topic.

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Rick Warren is nothing but a self-promoting false teacher who has been sent as an agent of Satan himself to interfere with the Church and to lead people away.


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