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The Unsettling Exodus: Why Evangelicals are Turning from the Scriptures

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In the vast and varied expanse of the religious landscape, a disquieting trend has emerged in the Evangelical world: an unsettling departure from the bedrock of their faith, the Scriptures. Through the lens of this unsettling narrative, Andy Stanley, a renowned evangelical pastor, emerges as a notable example. Known for his controversial ideas, Stanley propounds teachings that send tremors across the theological divide, implying a shift away from scriptural fidelity.

Stanley, a quasi-Evangelical titan, stirs the waters with his repeated assault on the Scriptures and his disregard for the Old Testament altogether. His view boils down to the notion that the Christian faith can—and does—exist independently of the accuracy of the Bible sparking a blaze of controversy and prompting a fervent defense by a waning handful of conservatives on the central role of Scriptures in Christian life.

In the backdrop of this theological melee lies a far deeper issue, a seismic shift in priorities within the Evangelical community: the creeping capitulation to cultural appeasement over devotion to truth. This is not a simple case of mistaken teachings confined to liberal corners of professing Christianity or mainline Protestant denominations. Instead, this spirit of appeasement has spread its tendrils across the entire spectrum of Christendom, embedding itself in the heart of the more traditionally conservative denominations like the Presbyterian Church (PCA) and the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).

Take, for example, the SBC’s recent resolution to adopt Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality as “useful analytical tools.” This move, at first glance, appeared to some to be an attempt to reconcile societal issues with a Christian worldview. Yet, in reality, it veers dangerously towards embracing secular socio-political ideologies rather than a biblically grounded understanding of sin and redemption. The approval of such vain philosophies, which diverge greatly from a biblical worldview and represent a distinctly sub-Christian epistemology, reveals an alarming trend toward cultural accommodation.

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Similarly, the Nashville Statement, a document outlining a biblical view of human sexuality, met with swift opposition within certain factions of the SBC. This backlash demonstrates a growing reluctance within this prominent evangelical denomination to hold fast to what the Scriptures dictate when it contradicts popular cultural narratives.

The pursuit of public approval seems to have ensnared the contemporary evangelical church, subtly encouraging it to sacrifice scriptural fidelity on the altar of cultural accommodation. The result is a worrying erosion of the evangelical commitment to ‘Sola Scriptura’—Scripture alone.

Therein lies the crux of the issue: a quest for acceptance and appeal that threatens to sideline the very cornerstone of the Christian faith, the divinely-inspired written Word of God. The question we must ask ourselves is, to what end does this appeasement serve? Will the church maintain its prophetic voice in the midst of societal pressure, or will it surrender its biblical roots in the pursuit of fleeting cultural relevance?

The church stands at a crossroads. One path offers the easy allure of societal approval and cultural relevance, while the other, a steadfast commitment to biblical truth and divine reverence. The latter is a path less trodden, a narrow way that, as the Scriptures affirm, leads to life.

As Christians, our primary allegiance is to God and His Word, regardless of how countercultural or unpopular that may be. The Scriptures are not mere optional extras or decorative embellishments to the Christian faith, but its vital heartbeat, the only means by which we know and love Christ.

In this shifting tide, let us not lose sight of the truth that undergirds our faith, the unchanging Word of God. Rather let us obey the Scriptures and expose the foolishness of the world and those within the professing Church, like Stanley, who succumb to it. It is only through clinging to this God-breathed anchor of truth that the Church can weather the storm of cultural relevance and the demands of Pagan society and remain a steward of the gospel and biblical truth in a world of shifting sands.


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