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Leaked Documents: Adam Greenway’s Alleged Misconduct and the Unraveling of SWBTS

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A little over half a year ago, the Southern Baptist community was surprised by the sudden resignation of Adam Greenway, former president of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS). Greenway, who had long been known for his left-leaning theological views and fierce advocacy for women pastors, was also embroiled in controversy for supporting former SBC president Ed Litton amid plagiarism allegations. However, recent revelations suggest that the transgressions of Greenway far exceed these well-publicized issues, as they touch upon the misuse of power, financial mismanagement, and an alarming lack of oversight at SWBTS.

Leaked documents reveal shocking allegations about Greenway’s tenure at SWBTS. A trustee report, conducted by Aaron Sligar, presents an exhaustive review of financial transactions during Greenway’s time. Sligar’s unambiguous assessment paints a picture of gross financial incompetency, with Greenway and his team exercising a reckless “financial freedom.”

The report detailed numerous instances of alleged mismanagement, including overspending on renovation projects to the tune of 12 million dollars and improper use of the President’s house renovations account. These revelations raise serious questions about Greenway’s administrative competence and leadership.

The sheer scope of these allegations suggests that Greenway’s lack of fiscal responsibility was not just a series of unfortunate errors, but a systematic failure. As directly quoted from the leaked report, “SWBTS’s credit card policies showed a glaring pattern of inconsistencies and dubious practices.” Perhaps most disturbingly, the report states that “credit cards were taken out in the names of unsuspecting faculty and staff members, who were then unwittingly made financially liable for the resulting card payments.”

This striking allegation was further underscored by testimonies from affected staff members, with one quoted as saying, “I was completely blindsided. I discovered a credit card in my name with significant unpaid balances that had begun to affect my personal credit score.” This is a blatant violation of trust, which, according to the report, has had tangible, detrimental effects on the creditworthiness of unknowing faculty and staff.

The alleged deceit doesn’t stop at individual credit scores. The report uncovers that these credit cards were used for institutional expenses, with an anonymous source quoted in the report stating, “It was like they were using our names to take out loans for the seminary. It’s an outrageous violation of trust, not to mention potential identity theft.”

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Adding fuel to the fire, the report also brought up the possibility of Donor Designation changes. It seems endowment distribution funds were allegedly shifted from their designated purpose to operations funds, further reinforcing the narrative of financial negligence under Greenway.

In response to these damning allegations, a letter calling for an emergency trustee meeting was also leaked to the public. The letter, authored by concerned trustees, demands full disclosure and transparency, demonstrating a clear resolve to address the allegations and prevent further damage to the reputation and financial health of SWBTS.

Capstone Report, an SBC watchdog publication, reached out to Aaron Sligar for comment and received the following statement:

“An anonymous source leaked the report in question, which is a working document within the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Board of Trustees. While our review is ongoing, this document was never intended for the press or public; as such, it does not represent an official statement from the board. Please direct any questions regarding the report to Danny Roberts, Chairman, SWBTS Board of Trustees.”

Amid these troubling revelations, it becomes clear why Greenway’s staunch defense of Ed Litton’s plagiarism seems less surprising. Both incidents underline a disregard for accountability and transparency in leadership positions. The plagiarism scandal, when viewed in light of this financial mismanagement, is clearly seen as a diversion tactic from deeper, systemic issues plaguing the SWBTS and SBC as a whole.

As this drama unfolds, it’s increasingly evident that the SWBTS, and indeed the larger Southern Baptist community, must engage in a serious self-examination. These disturbing allegations reveal a crisis of leadership that undermines trust in the institution, threatens its financial stability, and erodes its moral standing. The question remains: will the SBC take the necessary steps to rectify these issues and regain the confidence of its constituents, or will it continue to be plagued by leadership incompetence and gross misconduct? My guess, if history repeats itself, will be the latter.

Here are the leaked documents:


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