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Good News! Christian University Fires Employees For Using Pronouns in Their Bios

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The trend of people splattering their self-defined pronouns all over social media is more than merely bothersome—it’s obnoxious. This phenomenon blatantly disregards objective reality, pushing personal whim over divinely-ordained distinctions. It’s not just a societal irritation, but a deeply concerning defiance of our Creator’s design, replacing truth with fleeting personal preferences. This trend represents a middle finger to the grand blueprint of the universe and the wise architect behind it.

Thankfully, though, in the recent developments at Houghton University, we are seeing a glimpse of what it looks like for Christians to be unyielding in their commitment to Christian principles as society rapidly detaches from objective reality. Amidst mounting pressure to bend to modern societal norms, this peculiar Christian school in upstate New York underlines the enduring potency of unflinching faith and allegiance to the doctrines that anchor our beliefs.

Let’s look at what unfolded. According to a story in the New York Times, two employees, Raegan Zelaya and Shua Wilmot, decided to include their pronouns in their work emails, defying the university’s policy. When they refused to align with the administration’s directives, they were consequently let go. While many have cast this decision as one of exclusion, the reality is that Houghton was simply asserting its commitment to Christian principles without waving the white flag of submission to the Pagan culture.

Houghton University, an affiliate of the Wesleyan Church, describes itself as “solidly Biblical” and upholds the teachings of the Wesleyan Church as “central everywhere” on campus. They firmly adhere to the traditional Christian beliefs regarding human sexuality, life, and the sanctity of marriage. It is unapologetic about its Wesleyan theological roots and is determined to maintain them even in the face of changing societal norms.

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This scenario underscores a truth that is often ignored amidst heated debates: institutions must be allowed to uphold the principles upon which they were founded. These are the pillars of their identity and the compass for their mission. Thus, Houghton’s decision is a certain victory not just for Christianity, but reality.

Houghton University’s decision to stand on biblical principles, even as the cultural tide shifts towards subjective and relativistic norms, is a breath of fresh air. It has chosen to uphold the integrity of its mission, anchored in the biblical worldview and it is an affirmation of the university’s Christian foundation. As stated in Houghton’s statement of belief, they indeed affirm positions currently called conservative – because these beliefs are grounded in their Biblical interpretation.

In a world where convictions are often sacrificed on the altar of political correctness, Houghton University’s unyielding adherence to its core principles sends a resounding message. It underscores the strength of character, the power of conviction, and the vital importance of staying true to one’s beliefs, even in the face of dissent or opposition. This is not a matter of stubbornness, but of spiritual and institutional integrity.

The university’s actions are a potent testament to the importance of maintaining Christian principles in a time of escalating cultural and ideological tension. Some may argue that this is a matter of exclusion—it is. Jesus Christ himself is the most exclusive among us. However, more importantly, it is a demonstration of holding true to the Word of God as the guiding force for a Christian institution. It is a powerful reaffirmation of its commitment to its principles, its community, and most importantly, to the Truth that it believes in.


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