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You Will Never See Me Again, This Fight is Killing Me

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by Jeremiah Cry Ministries

“You will never see me again, this fight is killing me” —Charles Spurgeon

The Above quote was written to a friend by Charles Spurgeon in the midst of what was called the downgrade. For nearly 40 years, Spurgeon had preached the gospel in London. 

It all came to a head when Spurgeon withdrew his membership from the Baptist Union. Spurgeon lamented the absence of a confession of faith keeping Baptists from drifting away from evangelical doctrines. He feared the downgrading of theology would produce an “emptying of chapels, and the multiplication of spiders” (Autobiography 4:254).

The betrayal of friends and those in whom Spurgeon trusted simply abandoned the truth, and in essence abandoned Christ. Even Spurgeon’s own brother James would be numbered with those who would forsake him and follow after the inventions of men and the gospel cheaters of his day. On April 23 James Spurgeon, his own brother seconded the vote to censure him. Spurgeon writes, ““I feel heart-broken. Certainly he has done the very opposite of what I should have done. Yet he is not to be blamed, for he followed his best judgment” (Fullerton, C. H. Spurgeon, p. 313-14).

Spurgeon writes, In place of gospel preaching, this “new-and-improved” variety of Christianity was substituting amusements. Spurgeon warned that many were turning the church into a “play-house,” allowing the values and techniques of the theater to invade the sanctuary of the Lord.

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Years ago, when Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Drive Church hit the bookstores pastors and Christians alike went crazy! Within its pages was the keys to a successful prosperous church! It’s major emphasis was on church growth. The plan was purely pragmatic. The solution was to invade the American landscape and find out what people wanted and then provide the means. The results were astonishing to say the least. Churches were starting to fill up, but the numbers were not from those who were interested in the truth of God’s Word, but rather for amusement and entertainment. Yes, the numbers soared, but so did the problems. The churches were being filled with the world because the church was behaving just like the world!

Rick Warren is by far one of the greatest apostates of our day. And to top it all off, two days ago Rick Warren was appointed first-ever chancellor of Spurgeon’s College in London. What a travesty! Warren writes, ” “I am delighted to have officially joined Spurgeon’s College as its first chancellor at this important time in its development and mission,” said Warren. “I have a deep, personal family connection over four generations to Charles Spurgeon and the ministry of the College he founded, and he is responsible for my family moving to America. 

This is nothing more than a gross display of how bad things have become on the Western front. It breaks my heart to see such a mockery of Spurgeon’s college. Spurgeon would have never allowed such a villain within miles of his college. The audacity of Warren to actually accept this title even makes it hurt worse. 

What message would Spurgeon give us today after seeing such buffoonery as this? 

I believe Spurgeon would tell us to press on, and preach on. But I do believe he would tell us to expose, confront and tear down the idols and high places of this “circus-driven” madness as we have seen displayed here in our day. Warren thinks himself pretty special right now, but there will come a day when his ivory tower will come crashing down.

Soon enough…

No King but Christ!


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