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Taking a Biblical Stand Against the LGBTQ Movements Assault on Life

by | May 10, 2023 | Blog, LGBTQ Issues, Opinion, Politics, Religion, Social-Issues, The Church, US, World | 0 comments

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The Bible asserts, with unyielding conviction, that when God passes judgment upon a nation, He subjects them to a whirlwind of unbridled sexual immorality. Delving into Romans 1, we discover that this phenomenon transcends mere sexual anarchy; it surpasses the bounds of libertinism. This is not some chaotic carnival where one can pick and choose their involvement in this movement. In this grand spectacle, personal choice is an illusion.

In the realm of our modern society, abstaining from this ever-evolving sexual revolution is akin to attempting to halt the relentless waves of the ocean with one’s bare hands. We are relentlessly urged to not only accept and tolerate this tidal wave of social transformation but to actively celebrate it. Resisting this force exposes us to the dire consequences brought forth by a society unwaveringly committed to expanding the reach of the LGBTQ movement, ensuring its pervasive influence touches every corner of our lives—be it through government, schools, the workforce, or even private institutions.

They paint a picture of the movement that makes everyone look so happy, but underneath is the relentless torture of looming death and destruction. So what is the driving motivation that propels this movement forward? The Scripture provides us with an unfaltering answer: rebellion against God. It is this very defiance that prompts God to withdraw His restraining hand, allowing people to be consumed by the insatiable desires of their hearts. Sexual immorality, with homosexual immorality at the pinnacle of perversion, stands as a direct affront to God’s intended order and a blatant repudiation of His essence as the bestower of life.

As the Scripture unambiguously declares, those who despise God are enamored with death (Proverbs 8:36). A society steeped in homosexuality is unable to usher in new life, for it finds itself entrenched in the darkness of self-destruction. Thus, this movement defies not only the creator and author of life but also the very essence of life itself.

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The movement’s unrelenting pursuit of children emerges as a stark illustration of its underlying motives. In today’s world, headlines featuring toddlers embarking on transgender treatments are regrettably commonplace. A rational society acknowledges that children lack the mental maturity required to navigate the complexities of sexualized body transformations. And yet, the movement’s unyielding campaign against the innocence of youth can be traced back to two distinct yet related, deeply rooted motivations, as clearly explained in Scripture.

Firstly, as previously established, those who defy God harbor a morbid fascination with death. The Scripture, in Matthew 18:6, reveals that leading children into sin is a dangerous pursuit, inevitably results in death and destruction. Consequently, those enthralled by the allure of their own demise seek to envelop children in their perverse fetishes, drawing them into the vortex of transgenderism as an extension of their own sexual fixation.

The second reason for the movement’s unwavering focus on children lies in the inherent vulnerability of youth. As impressionable beings, children are susceptible to the ideologies and beliefs imparted upon them by the world around them. The movement’s proponents, aware of this malleability, seek to reshape the future by indoctrinating the youngest members of society with their distorted perspectives. By targeting children, they aim to create a new generation that embodies and perpetuates their twisted values, ultimately realizing their vision of a society that defies God’s divine order.

As the world appears to conspire against us, with the government, workforce, and institutions seemingly allied in opposition, we are left to ponder: what recourse do we have? It feels as though every path we tread compels us to partake in their celebrations. In the face of such adversity, we witness distressing legal developments in various states.

In some states, legislation is being enacted that empowers the government to wrench children from their homes, should parents refuse to indulge in their twisted games of transgender affirmation. In other states, a new and equally alarming trend is emerging: Christian families are being denied the opportunity to adopt children unless they capitulate to the demands of the transgender agenda.

As the shadows of these pernicious ideologies loom ever larger, we are faced with the daunting task of preserving our faith and values in a world that seems determined to undermine them at every turn. The contemporary LGBTQ movement, with its relentless pursuit of sexual immorality, bears an uncanny resemblance to the debauchery that permeated ancient Rome, which the early church had to withstand. Both eras share a striking affinity for the normalization and celebration of behaviors that defy God’s order. In ancient Rome, hedonistic pursuits, promiscuity, and perverse sexual lifestyles were embraced as part of the cultural fabric, much like the current movement that champions LGBTQ rights and transgenderism.

The early church, steadfast in their faith, had to navigate the treacherous waters of a society that not only tolerated but encouraged these practices. Similarly, today’s believers find themselves faced with the daunting challenge of preserving their values and convictions in a world that appears determined to undermine and subvert them at every opportunity. The parallels between these two epochs serve as a sobering reminder that the struggle against moral decline is an enduring battle, transcending the boundaries of time and place.

In the face of such moral turbulence, we find solace and strength in God’s unyielding sovereignty. Our recourse lies in the unwavering resolve to take a stand for the truth, remain steadfast and uncompromising in our adherence to God’s word, and protect the sanctity of our children’s hearts and minds using every means at our disposal that aligns with His divine guidance.

In our pursuit of righteousness, we must be prepared to follow in the footsteps of the martyrs who have walked the path of Church history before us with their selfless sacrifices for the glory of God. Just as they laid down their lives in defense of their faith, we too must be willing to embrace the possibility of the ultimate sacrifice, fortified by the knowledge that our actions honor the God who died for us.

By living out our convictions with unflinching courage and unwavering faith, we become beacons of hope in the gathering darkness, embodying the light of God’s divine love in a world that desperately seeks its radiance. Through our steadfast devotion to His word, we demonstrate that even in the face of overwhelming opposition, His sovereignty endures, and His grace will ultimately triumph.

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