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Andy Stanley Says His Father’s Dying Words to Him Were “I Couldn’t Be Prouder of You”

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Andy Stanley, a clearly-defined and well-exposed false teacher, has faced a well-deserved backlash from conservative Christians for his unorthodox and aberrant teachings on such things as biblical interpretation, theology, and the role of the church. His approach, which is to be “seeker-sensitive”, focuses on luring non-believers to church over teaching biblical truth, diluting the gospel to cater to the goats. Stanley is dismissive of traditional orthodox doctrine and teachings and disregards the authority of the Bible while pushing his own personal beliefs as gospel.

His views on issues such as divorce, sexual ethics, and the authority of the Bible also deviate significantly from biblical teachings, and a sermon he preached that was recently exposed on social media was pretty much the final nail in the coffin.

If you’ve followed us at all over the last several months, you’re likely aware of just how progressive we’ve exposed Andy Stanley to be. His church, and his ministry that oversaw the many sister churches under his North Point umbrella, has become a gathering place for homosexuals despite the fact that it was not highly publicized. These churches are very friendly, inclusive, and affirming to homosexuals and even offered programs and curriculums designed to train parents and others on how to become more affirming to their own children who come out as LGBTQ.

But, as stated above, none of this was publicly known until The Dissenter, Protestia, and a handful of others exposed all of it.

It began when a video of Stanley was published on Twitter saying that homosexuals “who love Jesus” have more faith than many Christians in his church. That video sparked a deep dive into his ministry, and what we uncovered was nothing short of shocking—even for Andy Stanley. Andy Stanley’s ministry, for years, has been under the radar affirming homosexuals, baptizing them, allowing them to serve in the church, and training others to affirm them, all while refusing any call to repentance and faith.

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You’re also likely aware by now that his father, a former Southern Baptist Convention president who has been heralded as a conservative leader and Bible teacher, has passed away. And while many so-called conservative Christians are singing his praises and preaching him straight into Heaven, a deeper look into his own ministry exposes some serious issues. Here is montage of clips:

Despite all these issues, Christians still act like Charles Stanley is one of the conservative heroes of the faith worthy of canonical sainthood. But is that true? According to Andy, his gay-affirming Scripture-denying heretic son, Charles, “couldn’t be more proud” of him. That alone says quite a bit about Charles’s theology and commitment to the truth.

I hope that Charles, despite his inability to speak out strongly against heresy and defend the gospel publicly against the attacks on it from his own son, truly believed the gospel that he claimed to preach.


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