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Feminist Worried That Men Who Don’t Believe David Raped Bathsheba Might be Raping Their Wives and Daughters

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The Evangelical social justice movement combines leftist propaganda, feminism, Critical Theory, and intersectionality. They disguise their agenda as biblical exegesis, but in reality, they aim to rewrite history and reinterpret Scripture to support their goal of dismantling power structures and hierarchy.

Their objective is to dismantle the perceived power structure of straight, white males, whom they consider oppressors. They portray them as evil, malicious, and power-hungry, and use intersectionality to rank individuals based on their perceived oppression.

The movement’s foundation lies in Critical Theory, a Marxist ideology that encompasses various sub-ideologies, including Critical Race Theory, gender, and sexuality.

The Evangelical social justice movement also advocates for egalitarianism or feminism, which seeks to place women in leadership positions within the Church, contrary to biblical patriarchy and they are making unprecedented moves to reinterpret Scripture and destroy all notions of male headship in the Church.

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But one of the most unprecedented moves of late is the campaign against the interpretation of 2 Samuel 11 where David sought Bathsheba for a sexual encounter.

It began with Rachel Denhollander’s tweet — now much of the social justice bandwagon has jumped aboard. Historically, there is not one commentary written that interprets David’s encounter with Bathsheba as rape. Of course, they’re all straight, white men, so what do they know?

Historically understood and properly exegeted, the consensus is that the encounter found in 2 Samuel 11 between David and Bathsheba was mutual. But even if that is not true, there is absolutely nothing in the text to suggest that Bathsheba didn’t willingly go to David when she was summoned by his servants. This is in stark contrast to another sexual encounter just two chapters later in 2 Samuel 13 between Amnon and his sister, Tamar. In this encounter, the Scriptures clearly demonstrate that Tamar resisted the sexual encounter from Amnon and paints Amnon as the aggressor who “violated” his sister.

There is nothing in the text that demonstrates such in the sexual encounter between David and Bathsheba—and God seems to hold both accountable for their sin by killing their child.

Yet, despite the actual biblical evidence that suggests that David did not rape Bathsheba, the woke feminists have redefined the term to include any sexual encounter involving someone who has “power” and someone who does not. This could be an affair between a church pastor and a female congregant, a male employer and a female employee, or a government official and a female citizen. This new ideology paints any sexual encounter between such people as a non-consensual encounter by default simply by the very virtue of the Marxist power structure. In all of these situations, it’s assumed that the woman is unable to consent because the male holds “power” over her. It’s asinine, indeed.

But now, they have taken it to an even darker level and are applying this to the husband and wife relationship. Sheila Gregoire is a Canadian author, blogger, and speaker who writes and speaks about marriage, sexuality, and Christian living from a leftist feminist perspective. She is the author of several books, including “The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex”, “9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage”, and “To Love, Honor and Vacuum” and she has become very influential in woke Evangelical circles.

Gregoire is now openly suggesting that if men don’t buy into the “David raped Bathsheba” narrative, they might be raping their wives and daughters.

Sheila suggested that those who can’t see the non-consensual nature of David and Bathsheba are unlikely to understand consent in their marriages and according to her, men who hold a hierarchical view of marriage are more likely to feel entitled to sex and not understand what consent looks like.

She then advises people to interfere in marriage relationships, going to men’s wives and kids behind their backs, if they know men who have been saying that David didn’t rape Bathsheba.

She then urges people to take this “seriously” if they know men in real life who argue vociferously against David raping Bathsheba.

Of course, this is the historic, biblical position. There are legitimate cases of rape that should be dealt with, but these raging feminists who hate men, hate the patriarchy, and even hate God Himself because of the biblical patriarchy, can’t stand the fact that there just might be cases where women consent to an affair with someone with authority over them. Using Gregoire’s logic, the Holy Spirit “raped” Mary—there simply is no way out of that logical conclusion. Was Mary able to say no to God? Did she consent?

But that doesn’t matter as the goal is to paint a picture of male patriarchy that is archaic and abusive. The logical conclusion to this is that anyone who has any authority is automatically guilty of abuse whether or not the encounter was mutual.

The end goal of the feminist egalitarianism movement isn’t to end sexual abuse — it’s to tear down hierarchies. Just like the racialism movement, the goal is to destroy civilization and to rebuild a society that is socialist and rejects such things as individualism, capitalism, and freedom altogether. And to do so, a picture has to be painted that portrays the majority as evil, power-hungry, and sex-obsessed abusers.


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