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Open, “Gay-Married” Homosexual Man Baptizes Other People at First Baptist Orlando

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We’ve written to you in the past that First Baptist Church Orlando, a Southern Baptist megachurch in Orlando, Florida, was openly baptizing practicing homosexuals and there has been absolutely no accountability from the Southern Baptist Convention for these actions.

The Dissenter began reporting on First Baptist Church Orlando’s capitulation to gay ideology back in 2021 and I even wrote about it as far back as 2016 when the church hosted a group of homosexuals after the Pulse Nightclub shooting, allowing them to take the pulpit, and allowing another pastor to refer to the “LGBTQ community” as the “head cornerstone” of Christianity.

But, in 2021, it began when the associate pastor and former chair of the North American Mission Board (NAMB) took the stage to boast and brag how the Southern Baptist church included homosexuals, transgenders, pro-abortion activists, and every other kind of God-hater in their church and allowed them to serve.

A week later, the lead pastor, David Uth, took the stage to double down and even stated that not only would they continue doing what they are doing, but they were partnering with NAMB to plant even more churches with the same unbiblical ecclesiology.

Thanks to the research of my friend, Justin Peters, and his colleagues, the smoking gun of gay affirmation has now been found at the Florida megachurch, First Baptist Orlando.

Below are images of a man named Joe Mills who, according to his Facebook page, is happily “married” to another man named Mario as of December 2021. Below is a picture of Joe Mills and his “husband,” Mario.

Joe Mills is a member in good standing at First Baptist Church, Orlando, who was baptized by associate pastor and former North American Mission Board chairman, Danny DeArmas.

What we didn’t know, however, is that Joe Mills, an openly gay, practicing, married-to-another-man homosexual, was also performing baptisms at First Baptist Church Orlando. A little over a year ago, Mills announced on social media that he would be performing the baptism of another person at First Orlando.

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And, apparently, he wasn’t kidding, as here he is openly performing a baptism at First Baptist Church Orlando’s outdoor baptismal.

It’s unclear if this is the person he mentioned in his social media post, however, it is certain that Joe Mills is clearly open about his homosexuality, living in unrepentant sin, and is not only being baptized despite this, but also openly baptizing other people at First Baptist Church Orlando.


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