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Prominent SBC Mega-Pastor Brags Transgender and Pro-Abortion People Serve in His Church

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Former Chairman of the Trustees of the Southern Baptist Convention’s North American Mission Board–and senior associate pastor of David Uth’s First Baptist Church Orlando, Danny de Armas–has a message for those who are thinking about visiting his church and those watching their church’s sermons; his church will embrace your sinful lifestyle no matter what.

David Uth, the senior pastor at First Orlando, made headlines in 2020 when he, who was in charge of 2020’s Southern Baptist Convention Pastor’s Conference. Uth planned on turning that meeting into a literal circus with the celebrity performance pastors he’d invited to preach at the conference. Fortunately, that meeting was canceled due to COVID, and Uth’s dream was never realized.

In 2016, Uth invited all of the homosexuals in Orlando to take the stage in his church after a gay nightclub shooting in 2016. Uth,  allowed another pastor to refer to the “LGBTQ community” as the “head cornerstone,” — a title reserved for Christ Himself. Uth, in 2015 at the SBC annual meeting, affirmed an ex-Muslim’s “dream-conversion” story who said she converted to Christianity when Jesus came to her in a dream though she had never heard the gospel.

There is no mistaking that Uth has been at minimum a controversial figure in one of the Southern Baptist Convention’s largest churches.

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Today, however, Uth’s church takes the controversy to new highs. While allowing God-hating homosexuals to preach in your pulpit is bad enough, allowing them to join and serve in your congregation is taking it to a level of depravity that should have other leaders of the denomination itching to disfellowship the apostate church.

Let’s be clear, David Uth, his associates, and his church are apostates. Listen as Uth’s associate pastor and former head of NAMB trustees brags about having transgenders, homosexuals, Democrats, and pro-choice people all attending and serving in their church.

Someone needs to show him 2 John 10-11:

10 If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not receive him into your house or give him any greeting, 11 for whoever greets him takes part in his wicked works.

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