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David French is an Insufferable, Pathetic, Delusional Clown

by | Mar 9, 2023 | Apostasy, Blog, Opinion, Politics, Religion, Social Justice, Social-Issues, The Church, US, Video | 0 comments

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It’s becoming increasingly easy to separate the sheep from the goats as we watch the religious, cultural, and political climate become increasingly divisive. David French, a religious leftist who devotes his life to standing against conservative Christianity in the public sphere, stands at the epicenter of this great divide stamping and stammering his feet as he continues to detach himself from reality.

As a man who claims to be a Christian, his attempt to divorce politics from theology is a clamant disregard for actual biblical principles that are meant to guide believers and hold the final authority over our hearts, minds, and lives. Christians are called to stand up for righteousness and uphold the moral law that God has given us and our political ideologies and voting records are a direct reflection of our faith. To suggest otherwise only demonstrates the vacuity of one’s mental capacity.

David French is simply delusional, there really can be no other explanation for the outrageous things he comes up with.

French’s Christio-progressive self-clones may try to lend him some credibility, but their allyship only highlights their own foolishness and lack of understanding of biblical truth and does nothing to help David French’s image. Russell Moore, Phil Vischer, and Francis Collins—these are the guys David French runs with.

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French has no intention to help Christians make informed decisions based on biblical principles, Instead, his aim is to sow confusion and doubt, muddying the waters so that true Christians are unable to discern the truth. He knows that true believers cannot reconcile their faith with the anti-Christian values and policies of the Democratic Party, so he seeks to create a false equivalence between biblical conservatism and the left-wing agenda.

But French’s lies and manipulation are no longer fooling anyone and his insufferable temper tantrums have made him a laughingstock not only in religious circles but in political circles too. His insidious hatred for Donald Trump has only further exposed his delusion and lack of credibility.

French’s relentless pandering to leftists while denouncing conservatives who voted for Donald Trump and expressed doubt about the veracity of the mainstream media’s claims about the January 6 protest is a perfect example of his complete detachment from reality. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, he insists on propagating his own delusion that the protest was a violent insurrection instigated by Trump to undermine democracy.

If you’ve been watching any of the news in recent weeks, you’re probably aware that Tucker Carlson has been releasing video footage of that January 6 protest that completely contradicts the claims from the media and from government officials for the last two years. Here a couple of those clips:

There is much more available on Twitter. But the bottom line is that there is now absolutely undeniable proof that what we’ve been told for the last two years is lies—lies that David French devoted the last two years of his life propagating.

So what is Fench doing now that the lies have been clearly and demonstrably exposed? He’s continuing, like the insufferable clown that he is, to lie. He’s continuing to try to advance the narrative that January 6 was a violent insurrection instigated by right-wing extremists designed to undermine democracy.

Like, he just won’t give it up. His entire life and livelihood depend on these lies being true, so he still thinks he can convince you that it is true if he keeps tweeting and retweeting about it. Here’s a few:

Mitch McConnell, a Republican who makes a living undermining Republican and conservative policy through his elected office, has become the face of opposition to the truth in the Republican party. David French can’t find a better Republican to agree with:

And, of course, it all boils down to “Trump lied, Trump lied, orange man bad…”

Wait, did I say that Mitch McConnell was the face of opposition to the truth? I meant the unendurable Liz Cheney who has a grudge against conservatives because they voted her out of office for being an insufferable clown. Well, like begets like and clowns of a feather flock together. Here he is again, agreeing with her, despite indisputable proof of the contrary, that, well, January 6 was all about “Trump lied!”

Well, David French just wouldn’t be a good RINO if he didn’t stand with Mitt Romney, now would he?

But perhaps the worst of all is his gaslighting conservatives, trying to make them think they’re being deceived by the footage that Tucker is exposing. “There are millions of people on the right who’ve not only never seen footage like this, they have no idea it exists” he stammers on Twitter, “They actually think people like Tucker are telling them the whole truth. They’re responsible for their ignorance, yes, but the deception is still evil.”

French writes those words as he posts a video that has already been debunked as left-wing agitators that everyone already knows about:

What should our response to David French be? Get a life, dude. Seriously. And while you’re at it, do us all a favor and stop calling yourself a Christian. You’ve beclowned yourself enough—not just with January 6 lies, but as a man who claims to speak on behalf of Christians. Accept the fact that you were wrong and move yourself out of the public eye. It’s the only appropriate response to your foolishness.

Get in line behind Beth Moore and go home.

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