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Jemar Tisby’s Friend, Jacqui Lewis, Makes Absurd, Wild Claim About Homosexuality

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The web of deceit is woven tighter by those who stake their entire existence on promoting the false notion of White Supremacy. From Jussie Smollet to Kyle Howard, individuals resort to fabricating tales of supposed racist encounters to secure their futures. But why? When reality fails to support their ideology, leftists resort to lying to keep their narrative alive. This is the driving force behind Critical Race Theory, a “tool” used to further their agenda without facing scrutiny.

Jemar Tisby, a self-proclaimed Christian, but affiliated with notorious anti-White racist Ibram X. Kendi, recently invited a pro-choice, pro-LGBTQ “pastor” named Jacqui Lewis to lecture the Church how to be more Christian-like. So when viewing the clip below, keep in mind that this is who Jemar Tisby wants the Church to listen to on issues of justice.

Jacqui Lewis is a self-proclaimed “Rev. Dr.” who was ordained in the far-left PCUSA denomination and positions herself as an author, activist, preacher, and public theologian working towards creating a society free of gun violence and discrimination. She has a degree in divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. in religion and psychology from Drew University. Despite her claimed credentials, it is worth noting that she presents herself as a womanist theologian rather than an orthodox, biblically-trained theologian and is a “senior minister” in the Collegiate Church in New York. Lewis is pro-choice, pro-homosexual, and pro just about everything the Bible condemns as sin.

In the clip below, you will learn pretty much everything you need to know about Jacqui as she proclaims one of the most asinine things I’ve ever heard, even from a liberal, about why conservative Bible-believing Christians think homosexuality is sin but they don’t care about people eating pork. Her reasoning is simple. There’s a lot of money in bacon.

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“We’ve we’ve redacted. We’ve taken our big law from God and boiled it down,” she said while standing in front of a rainbow-adorned altar, “and sometimes we’ve boiled it down in ways that are less the way Jesus boiled it down, right? We’ll we not you, but we some parts of the church will hang out in Leviticus and hang out in Deuterodom Me and be super concerned about whether a man lays down with a man or with a woman.”

“They’ll read that scripture in Leviticus and they’ll say, see this right here? This is wrong. And two paragraphs over from that will be, also donate the pork. You feeling me? But we’re not worried about the pork.”

She continued, “Because, by the way, pork lives matter. No, we’re not worried about the pork. We’re not worried about the pork because there’s a good fortune in pork, right? Bacon makes money when nobody’s worried about the pork.”


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