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Andy Stanley’s Church Has Open Lesbian on Staff Leading LGBTQ Ministry

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Last week, Andy Stanley, a pastor who is widely considered by many orthodox, Bible-believing Christians to be a false teacher, has been at the center of a heated controversy over his statements regarding the faith of homosexuals. Stanley’s approach, known as “seeker-sensitive,” places a greater emphasis on attracting non-believers to church, rather than adhering to traditional doctrine, resulting in a dilution of the message of Christianity to appeal to a wider audience. This approach has led to widespread criticism from those who believe that Stanley’s views deviate from the true teachings of Christianity.

In a recently exposed sermon, Stanley stated that homosexuals who “love Jesus” despite God repeatedly telling them “no” have more faith than most Christians, and that we have a “lot to learn” from them. This statement, along with his disregard for traditional teachings and the authority of the Bible, is a clear indication of his apostasy.

As a result, Stanley’s views and approach to ministry have been heavily and rightly criticized as he is promoting his own personal beliefs as gospel. On the other hand, a number of homosexuals have praised Stanley for his unorthodox views on biblical interpretation, theology, and the role of the church, believing that he is taking a more “inclusive” approach to Christianity.

In the midst of all this has been the uncovering of a much deeper issue at Stanley’s North Point Church. Not only has Stanley taken a soft and unbiblical approach to sin, but it’s now been discovered that Stanley has an openly-identifying lesbian on staff at his church who leads the church’s LGBTQ ministry.

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Earlier this month, Q Christian Fellowship held a conference for openly queer people who claim to be Christians along with their parents and “allies” to affirm their aberrant sexuality and tell them that God is indifferent to their sin. Here is the link to that “ministry.”

According to the conference schedule, one of the speakers at the conference was a staff member from North Point named Amy Blakeslee. On the conference schedule biography, Blakeslee claims to work on North Point’s staff as part of the “Care staff” and describes herself as “gay” and as the “proud parent” of an adult child who “also identifies as gay.” Below is her bio:

Hello! My name is Amy. I identify as gay, my pronouns are she/her, and I’m the proud parent of three adult kids, one of whom also identifies as gay. Over the past ten years I had the privilege of meeting with hundreds of parents of LGBTQ+ children through my position on the Care staff at North Point Community Church. As more and more parents reached out to the church for support, I began meeting with them in their homes. Parent Connect was birthed, one of the first church-based ministries in the nation created specifically for Christian parents of LGBTQ+ kids. Thankfully, Parent Connect paved the way for many other churches to begin ministries for parents of LGBTQ+ kids, where the focus is on helping parents to love their LGBTQ+ kids well. Currently I am a full-time graduate student studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling. As a future counselor I hope to continue to support LGBTQ+ individuals and their families. I live in Atlanta, Georgia and enjoy not exercising, drinking coffee, Diet Mountain Dew and living an authentic life.

Digging a little further, we also found that Blakeslee is also involved with the Reformation Project, a completely apostate and totally queer-affirming “ministry” founded by the infamous “gay Christian apologist,” Matthew Vines.

These are the people who are informing and leading the apostasy in these seeker-friendly false churches. North Point Church is completely apostate and Andy Stanley is a completely and totally false teacher, without exception. But, remember, Andy Stanley is the inspiration for Florida’s flagship Southern Baptist church, First Baptist Church Orlando.


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