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Ed Stetzer’s Publication Gives Instructions on How to Accommodate Homosexuals in Your Church

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The new virtue in leading churches today is figuring out how to accommodate people who don’t actually believe what the Bible teaches and making them feel comfortable in the pews. From every form of theological liberalism to every form of sexual immorality, it’s imperative that the church show love, acceptance, and tolerance to these people so they will feel comfortable enough to stick around without feeling judged.

At least, that’s what the postmodernists of mainstream Evangelicalism want you to believe. A recent article that appeared on Ed Stetzer’s ChurchLeaders website is a prime example of this. In the article, titled Pastoring LGBTQ-Identifying People in Your Church With Grace and Truth, the author, Dale Chamberlain, actually unknowingly demonstrates exactly NOT how to do this. In the article, he gives four main “tips” on how to “pastor” homosexuals which boil down to:

  • Cultivate an Inviting Atmosphere (where sodomites don’t feel judged)
  • Don’t Shy Away From Your Convictions in the Pulpit (but be sure to tone them down and make sure you contact any homosexuals in your church before you preach about sexuality and listen to their feedback)
  • Define Clear Parameters for Church Leadership (figure out what functions and roles unrepentant sodomites can have in your church.)
  • Pray for Wisdom (which doesn’t actually involve wisdom coming from the plain teaching of Scripture on this subject)

First off, in a biblically functioning Church, there shouldn’t be allowed communion with those who disagree with the church’s primary teachings, whether theologically or morally, which are two sides of the same coin.

If somebody wants to continue coming to a church where they are barred from the communion table or membership, then I would let them come. But it would be made clear—and yes, in a loving, but unmistakable manner—that their beliefs are incompatible with the biblical gospel. They are not regarded as members in good standing.

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“As pastors and churches cultivate an environment that is welcoming to those currently outside the church’s teachings without sacrificing the teachings themselves, what they will find is that a number of practical concerns begin to arise.”

This is a nonsensical contradiction according to biblical truth. How can any unregenerate sinner be comfortable sitting under the convicting truth of the word of God? If you are not sacrificing biblical teaching, sinners will no longer want to sit there in your pews, and if they do feel comfortable sitting there over time, you’re doing it wrong. Again, that doesn’t mean a self-righteous pharisaical finger of judgment in their face, but the truth of God will either bring someone to their knees or drive them away.

Can they Park cars? What function should they have in the church? This could have never been asked in previous generations of faithful believers. They have no function until and when they show a credible testimony of conversion, which by definition will mean an unconditional repudiation of their perverse desires.

Nowhere do we find this seeker-sensitive attitude in the bible, including the New Testament.

The function of the Assembly of believers is not even primarily to win souls anyway. The function of the assembling of believers is to fellowship one with another, sit under the faithful and pure preaching of the word, corporate worship, and church discipline. In other words, the assembly is first for the Lord and second for believers with an existing credible testimony. If somebody gets saved there we rejoice, but that’s not the purpose.

It is not only entirely possible, but is in fact commanded that we apply God’s law to people’s lives, demonstrates to them how they have fallen short, and demand in his name that they repent of all that they are and all that they do and cling to him alone and his cross and Resurrection alone for our right standing before the only true God of the universe.

And, of course, here we go again with this feeble attempt to equate homosexuality and transgenderism and all of its related perversions with heterosexual immorality. Sexual immorality is an abuse of God’s goodness in his created order. Homosexuality is a full frontal assault on what that created order even is. They are not now nor have they ever been the same. The sexual Union of a man and a woman is by God’s design. Pursuing that union apart from his ancient covenant of marriage is a grave and damnable sin. Any other sexual Union is a redefinition of the Divine design itself. This isn’t that complicated.

And this is a key to this guy’s ridiculous article. Like all of these postmodernists, he is making these situations far more complicated than they are according to Scripture. Just preach the word in season and out and do your job as a pastor. It’s not your job to figure out how to accommodate any certain category of sinners, least of all those who are walking in unrepentant rebellion against the very creative order of God himself.

Where, oh where, oh where, are we ever told in Scripture that unrepentant stiff-neck rebels against the holy God should feel comfortable in church?


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