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Major Evangelical Organization Associated With SEBTS, TGC, CRU, and Matt Chandler Says Speaking Ill of LGBTQ Kills People

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Latasha Morrison is the founder and CEO of the evangelical race-baiting organization known as Be The Bridge.

Be the Bridge is an anti-White training curriculum created by Latasha Morrison and is heavily promoted by Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary professor, Walter Strickland—who is also the head of the school’s “Kingdom Diversity” program. In the clip below, you can hear Morrison say that there is at least one seminary that she knows of that is embracing her movement.

The Be The Bridge curriculum teaches white people how to recognize their inherent racism by the virtue of their skin color, lament their racism, and learn how to repent of it and sanctify themselves out of it by acts of perpetual penance. No, this is not the Babylon Bee, that is the actual purpose of Be The Bridge and the sole reason for Morrison’s existence.

Last year, Matt Chandler partnered with Latasha Morrison to denounce America as a racist nation with racism “theologically woven into its foundation.” Latasha Morrison, a few years ago, spoke at a Campus Crusade (Cru) event whereby she called on a predominately white audience in the stadium to stand up and lament their skin color by repeating a prayer after her.

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Latasha Morrison is a close associate of Ekemini Uwan, the woman who gave an anti-white speech at the Sparrow women’s conference in 2019. Uwan was infamously quoted saying, “whiteness is wickedness” causing a large number of people to get up and walk out of the conference. Morrison is an apologist for this kind of rhetoric.

And, let’s not forget The Gospel Coalition. During a podcast at The Gospel Coalition, when asked how to “glorify God” in diversity, one of the hosts offered up Morrison’s Be The Bridge curriculum. “I think on a practical sense as well, one of my friends, Tasha started something called Be the Bridge,” the host said. “She has stuff you can download, there’s a Facebook group. You can start a group in your… I’ve been in a group before and it’s just a practical meeting together of starting conversations. And she does all the work for you.”

If all that anti-white woke Critical Race Theory social justice nonsense isn’t bad enough to make you wonder why any Evangelical worth his salt would want to partner with Be The Bridge and its founder, Latasha Morrison, then hopefully this will. Because not only is Be The Bridge all that stuff and a bag of chips, apparently, they’re now also pro-LGBTQ and believe that speaking against the LGBTQ movement causes death. On the Be The Bridge Facebook page, they posted:

Let that sink in. This organization claims to be a Christian organization and has been embraced by all of the Evangelical leaders that we’re supposed to trust. And while blogs like The Dissenter have been sounding the alarm on her and her movement for years, we’ve become the bad guys for doing so—and we’re labeled the “divisive” ones. I’ll repeat the rhetorical question of the Apostle Paul in Galatians 4:16, “Have I then become your enemy by telling you the truth?”

Apparently, Latasha Morrison and Be The Bridge believe that the truth is the enemy of mankind. But the Scriptures don’t say that speaking the truth leads to death, it says a mind that is set on the flesh is death and it is hostile to God (Romans 8:6-7), but Jesus says that the truth sets us free (John 8:32).

So are these Evangelical leaders going to finally separate from this anti-Christian organization? Are they finally going to see the truth for themselves and be freed from this movement? Or are they going to continue to stick their heads in the sand, spew hate at the people who love them the most with the truth, and continue down the same path to destruction? I hope and pray the former, but I suspect the latter.


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