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Andy Stanley Says Pastors Need to Learn to Preach in a Way That Gives People Permission NOT to Believe

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Andy Stanly has made a number of dubious claims about the Christian faith and in particular, the Scriptures. Famously stating that Christianity needs to “unhitch” from the Old Testament, he told his audience that the Ten Commandments don’t apply to Christians. He’s flopped on homosexuality — telling the mother of an openly gay and practicing girl that her daughter was saved. He promotes the idea that even if you don’t believe in Jesus, you can have a better life by following his teachings. And rampages against the Scriptures telling people that they don’t need to feel like they should defend the Scriptures because they aren’t really that important and it isn’t what Christianity rests on.

Andy Stanley, who is famous for his sermon “unhitching” Christianity from the Bible, continues to trash Scripture by recently claiming that the Scriptures are nothing but a collection of ancient declarations put together by “superstitious men.” Well, now he appears to be putting his beliefs into practice by publicly rebuking anyone who would claim differently.

A few weeks ago, we broke the story that Andy Stanley denied that there was a clearly revealed divine standard of morality to which we must all submit. Stanley’s contradiction of the Scriptures has been a mainstay of his ministry for years as he’s completely abandoned biblical authoritative preaching in favor of self-help motivational speaking with a little bit of Jesus-ey talk mixed in.

He then took his blasphemous lies to a whole new level and claimed that something Jesus taught wasn’t “necessarily true” and instead, people need to listen to what Andy Stanley says if they want to know the truth. Stanley said that what Jesus said about good people going to Heaven “isn’t necessarily true.”

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Now, in Stanley’s latest act of apostasy, he joins Ed Stetzer and Albert Tate on a podcast for He Gets Us, the ministry that turns Jesus into a left-wing social justice warrior, to explain that pastors need to preach and teach the text in such a way that it gives people permission not to believe what they’re preaching.

The language we use, the way we position the Scripture, the way we talk about the Bible, the subtle expectations we put on people without meaning to, communicate ‘you gotta get this right, there’s no room for doubt.’

So learning how, we all do it different ways, learning how to preach and teach through that filter, and learn to give people permission, not in the announcements or at the beginning, but all along the way in a text, to give people permission not to believe, and, I think this is most important, to make sure we never…disvalue or show disrespect to another person’s point of view.

This followed Albert Tate’s comments where he stated that his church allows unbelievers and non-Christians to join and be a part of their church.

Needless to say that Ed Stetzer, Distinguished Chair of Church, Mission, and Evangelism at Wheaton College and Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College and former president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Lifeway, affirmed everything both of these men said.


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