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Don’t Let the Left Use a Tragedy to Dissuade You From Standing Against Sexual Indoctrination of Children

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If we keep moving in the direction this country has been headed over the last few decades, the only things that will be illegal ten years from now are worshiping God, using gasoline, and owning guns. Every form of sexual rebellion will not only be legalized but celebrated as the anarcho-tyrannists take over the nation. There will be no escape.

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” —Rahm Emmanuel

In the spirit of Rahm Emmanuel, leftists have succeeded in their mission to transform this nation into a lawless cesspool of leftist revolutionaries hell-bent on destroying conservatism and Christianity. As we’ve watched over the last couple of decades, the left continues to use mass shooting tragedies as a means to advance gun control. Make no mistake about it, the complete and total confiscation of guns from the citizenry is the ultimate goal. For they know that an armed citizenry cannot be easily overtaken, therefore, they will enact laws little by little restricting gun ownership just enough to go unprotected by the majority of people. Like a frog in a pot, they will turn the heat up little by little until the 2nd Amendment is meaningless.

But why is it necessary to disarm the citizens? These people don’t actually care about the lives of innocent people. If they did, they wouldn’t commit mass murder on the scale of millions of unborn babies every year while allowing the subjugation of born children to swaths of sex perverts who want to take them. If you don’t think the elites in control of this nation are a pedophile cult, just look at the lengths they go to protect their various ritualistic sex acts with children—like Drag Queen Story Hour. Don’t kid yourself, a man dressing as a sexualized caricature of woman and dancing in front of children is a sex act. It should be illegal, but it isn’t.

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But many conservatives want it to be illegal—and they fear exposure. So when their actions are exposed, they play the victim card.

You’re probably aware by now that a shooter killed several people in a nightclub in Colorado last night injuring dozens more. As tragic as this incident is, make no mistake, the left isn’t concerned with the lives of the victims that were killed. The left is only concerned with how they can use this tragedy to advance their leftist causes. Brandy Zadrozny, a senior reporter for NBC News, is just one example:

Here, Zadrozny wants to make you believe that reporting on the sexualization of young children by the LGBTQ activists who desire access to them is the reason that such tragedies take place. And how can you argue with it? These people know that what is going on behind the doors of these events would make the skin crawl on any person with a conscience, yet they defend this ritual abuse of children while blaming those who oppose it for every tragedy that is spawned by this sickness.

Why can’t the person who carried out this tragedy be the one who is held responsible? And if you’re looking for a mass psychological reason for the anger and disgust aimed at this movement, then shouldn’t we point the finger at those perpetrating as the cause of it?

This is a mind game they’re trying to play on you—they are emotionally manipulating you. The reality is that those men who are dressed like women and demanding access to children should be behind bars. But they want to flip the script, gaslight you, and make you think that your natural disgust with it is devious and unnatural. They want you to believe that exposing their wicked deeds is immoral and they want to silence you. They want your guns, they want control of your words, and they want complete and total subjugation to their cause. And if you stand against them, they want you gone.

Don’t fall for it. Now is the time to stand up, speak out, and oppose this with everything you have. It is our duty as Christians to do so. We cannot succumb to the wicked deeds of the world—we must fight it with truth and gospel!

Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. —Ephesians 5:11


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