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Christianity Today Praises Same-Sex Marriage Bill, Calls it a “Good Day’s Work”

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If you’ve been paying attention, you’re probably aware that the Senate, with the help of enough Republicans to bypass a filibuster, passed the Respect for Marriage Act which codifies same-sex marriage into national policy. The legislation already passed the House in July with the help of 47 Republicans.

The legislation is absolutely disastrous to faithful Christians who are opposed to living their lives in celebration of same-sex marriage. Marriage, as it was defined by God, is between one man and one woman. Yet, the world, with the help of many professing churches, has defiled the institution of marriage with its perversion of good and evil.

One such professing Christian institution is Christianity Today, the Christian publication founded by the late Billy Graham which has completely apostatized into a liberal hotbed of queer theology, social justice, and feminism. In a recent article, Christianity Today praised the Respect for Marriage Act, which should actually be renamed the Defilement of Marriage Act. In the article, Everything You Need to Know About the Respect for Marriage Act, the author concludes:

All in all, RMA is a modest but good day’s work. It shows that religious liberty champions and LGBT advocates can work together for the common good. It says to the original House bill, “If a bill is about us, it has to be with us.” And it shows that Congress can still legislate, not just be a gaggle of egos who go to Washington to perform but never fix.

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The author argues that some conservatives will treat the passage of the bill as a loss but others will recognize that “in a morally pluralistic society, a few concessions yield a win for the common good.” The author says that he is one of them.

What the author fails to mention, however, is that in a pluralistic society like the one we live in, it’s always the religiously faithful that lose in these situations. It’s never a win for the faithful and it’s always the faithful that has to compromise their beliefs or be held to a standard that binds their conscience to something they cannot support. In this case, it is no different.

This bill places the burden of supporting same-sex marriage on many Christian organizations that will not have to succumb to the demands of queers or face hefty legal penalties. While the bill attempted to address concerns for religious freedom, it only added language that would protect churches from solemnizing same-sex marriage. The bill offers no protection from other Christian organizations such as adoption agencies, schools, or parachurch ministries.

According to Alliance Defending Freedom, “

When the IRS determines whether an organization is “charitable” under the Internal Revenue Code, it asks whether the entity’s conduct is “contrary to public policy” or violates a “national policy.”

If the Respect for Marriage Act were enacted, the IRS could rely upon the bill to conclude that certain nonprofits are not “charitable.” The amendment’s new provision does nothing to prevent this.

Unfortunately, the proposed amendment utterly fails to meaningfully address the serious religious freedom problems with the Respect for Marriage Act. The inclusion of provisions that purport to address religious freedom concerns may be a sign that senators heard the criticisms of the bill, but the hollow nature of the amendment demonstrates they do not understand the depth of the concerns being raised.

However, it is far more likely that Christianity Today fully understands the depths of concerns being raised as it employs far-left political and social activists such as Russell Moore to help craft and define the organization’s social policy. These people will give lip service to the sanctity of marriage in society but, in reality, they don’t have much of an issue with such foolishness and do not see it as destructive to society.


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