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Imagine if These Were Your Children’s Teachers: Exit the Public School System ASAP!

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The public school system has long been a means by which the left indoctrinates children and is the catalyst behind the liberal shift in our society. If you wonder why the world is descending into mass chaos, understand that Satan himself has commandeered the public school system to advance the godlessness that our society has now come to embrace en masse.

Over the last decade, we’ve seen an exponential increase in acceptance of LGBTQ ideology and other leftist dogma including the mass murder of unborn children through abortion and a systemic hatred toward white people. The hatred toward white people is so intense that white leftists will actually do anything they possibly can to distance themselves from their own ethnicity.

All of this falls into the philosophy of “wokeness.”

To be “woke” essentially means the exact opposite of what one would think it means by the word used to describe the movement. One would think that “woke” correlates with being awakened to certain truths that have been historically veiled for the most part. But that simply isn’t the reality. The reality is that being “woke” means that one has been indoctrinated into progressivism and abandoned objective reality altogether in favor of a pseudo-reality that exists only in the imagination of the leftists who create the narrative to advance their destructive movement.

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And, sadly, it’s happening in many of your children’s classrooms. Just take a look at some of these teachers employing these “woke” methods to indoctrinate your children. Here’s one teacher who insists on abandoning objective reality and promotes the use of “preferred pronouns” in her elementary school class. Just imagine if you walked into your kid’s classroom and saw that woman sitting thereβ€”what would you think?

Here’s another. This teacher has more queer and Marxist propaganda hanging on the walls in her classroom than she does teaching material. Imagine your 1st grader having to spend 8 hours a day under the authority of this person. Seriously, is that what you want? Why, then, are you sending your kids to this school? Think about it.

These indoctrination camps are stealing your children from you and you have no recourse so long as you keep your children there. Even if your child’s teacher isn’t dressed like that or tatted up like an uncivilized barbarian in a remote unreached Amazonian jungle, you can rest assured that they’re still getting the material fed to them. It is part of the public school program.

In fact, these are ALL teachers on social media bragging about how they indoctrinate their children through the use of these woke ideologies in order to turn them into queers, transgenders, Marxists, feminists, and pro-abortion leftist activists.

Why risk it? Why send your children here? Are you a single mom who works full-time? Most states allow children to be homeschooled by a relative or another family under certain conditions. There is help available. Ask yourself what’s stopping you and examine your reasons for consistency with biblical convictions. We have to do something or we’re going to lose all of our children to the state-sanctioned LGBTQ death cult.


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