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Bethel Pastor Says God Made Adam Both Male and Female and Broke Adam in Half to Create Eve

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Bethel Church should just rename itself to Blasphemy Central as absolutely nothing that comes from the pulpit in that hell hole is biblical. If anyone on earth could lie more than Satan himself, it’s these charlatans that run this organization.

Bethel is full of fairy tales about Jesus walking into the rooms of these so-called prophets and prophetesses. One example is a Bethel worship pastor who said that Jesus walked into the room and asked him—yes, Jesus asked him—for forgiveness. Another Bethel lady-pastor named Jenna Winston said that when she was locked up in a psych ward, Jesus “walked into the room” and got in the bed with her, and started playing with her hair.

Also, we reported last year that another product of Bethel’s School of Supernatural whatever-its-called released a video claiming that Jesus walked into her bedroom with a ring in His hand and ask her to marry Him. The sad part is that these people are serious when they say these things.

And we have Bethel’s number two “Apostle,” Kris Vallotton, who said that Jesus walked into the bathroom while he was laid up in the Bathtub and told him all kinds of crazy things; that he was a “great leader” and he was going to be a prophet to kings, prime ministers, and governors. And as we reported last week, Vallotton told his congregation that Adam and Eve were “pro-creating” with God when naming the animals. But you won’t believe where he ultimately took that logic—actually, it shouldn’t surprise you. Vallotton continued on and said that God made Adam both male and female and when God created Eve, He was breaking Adam in half.

“The first point I’d like to make in this conference really is that God made you after his kind and God made Adam,” Vallotton says to the congregation. “The word ‘Adam’ and the word ‘man,’ the Hebrew word, It’s the same exact word. He made Adam, both male and female, as you know.”

“How many know God’s not a man? God’s both male and female, and if you oppress women, then you reduce the revelation of God,” he continued. “Because God’s not a man, it took a man and a woman to demonstrate the revelation of who God is.”

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“Isn’t it interesting that in Genesis 1, God said, Let us make man look in our image, male and female, he made them and then chapter 2…God seems to like say, Okay, let me just go back and tell you exactly how I did this….How many know God created man and he created the animals from dirt?” Vallotton continued. “It’s the reason why your DNA is so close to every other creature on earth because God used the same raw materials.”

“I’d like to suggest that Adam wasn’t alone in (the garden) in the sense that there was no other Adams around, but then he was lonely. Follow me for a minute. I’m saying that God wasn’t looking for someone to procreate with, (when he named the animals who passed by him) God was looking for somebody to solve his loneliness with.”

He then continued, “Where was the woman? She was taken out of the man. The woman was in the man. There’s a few men in here. You can’t get in touch with your feminine side, because you don’t have one. The woman was taken out of the man. So where was the woman? She was in the man.”

“So God took Adam and said, ‘Okay, here’s how I’m going to make sure you no longer feel lonely. I’m going to take you and I’m going to break you in half. I’m gonna take the feminine side of you, and I’m going to remove it from you.’”

“And when Adam woke up,” Vallotton continued, “I’d like to suggest that he immediately knew that something was missing because he was both male and female at one point. How do we know that? Because the woman was taken out of the man.”

Vallotton then suggested that in Genesis 1:27 where it says “male and female he created them,” theologians have misinterpreted that for thousands of years and that it is ackshuaalllyyy a reference to just Adam who is apparently (gender fluid?) both male and female.

“I‘d like to suggest that Genesis 1, ‘female’ is not the Genesis 2 woman. That Adam was both male and female, and the woman was taken out of the man, so now Adam needs the woman the same way he needs God. He’s not complete without her. When Adam wakes up, and looks at the woman, he sees what he’s missing—because he used to have it.”



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