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The False “Inclusive” Gospel of the Southern Baptist Convention’s New Evangelism Partner

by | Oct 13, 2022 | Apostasy, Cult, News, Religion, Social Justice, Social-Issues | 0 comments

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I’ve long argued that the Evangelical talking heads have little if any understanding of who God is or the gospel of His son, Jesus Christ. The North American Mission Board (NAMB) is a radical leftist entity belonging to the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). NAMB is headed by Kevin Ezell.

Ezell has been a controversial figure among conservative Southern Baptists for quite some time. After it was exposed that NAMB had been funding the planting of churches that opposed the SBC’s statement of faith, namely, churches with women pastors, Ezell rushed to do damage control. Yet, In 2021, Ezell held a church planting conference with women pastors. Shortly after, The Dissenter reported that the Southern Baptist Convention’s North American Mission Board (NAMB) put out a statement denouncing women pastors and stated that the organization would no longer support churches with female pastors.

It wasn’t long after that statement had been released that another NAMB leader, Dhati Lewis–who was president of NAMB’s Send Network at the time–joined women pastors at an Evangelism Conference called the Amplify Outreach conference. That conference featured several well-established woke types including Ed Stetzer, lady preacher Ann Voskamp, and Dhati Lewis himself along with female pastor, Reverend Michelle Sanchez.

The North American Mission Board is also embroiled in a scandal involving Ezell’s use of influence to persuade other SBC entities to fire conservative leaders who were blowing the whistle on other financial scandals within NAMB and the SBC.

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But in NAMB’s latest scandal, Ezell and Co. are leading Southern Baptist churches to partner with an apostate “evangelism” organization that teaches and preaches a false gospel. As we’ve already been covering, that organization is called “He Gets Us.” The organization is not only operated by people who are clearly pro-LGBTQ and pro-abortion, it also preaches a false gospel.

In one clip on the He Gets Us YouTube page, the organization teaches the false gospel of inclusivity. The crux of the message is that Jesus invited everyone to the table without exception and “accepted” them just as they are.

This false gospel is promulgated by radical theological apostates like Brian McLaren. Brian McLaren is one of the foremost false teachers of the progressive Emergent Church movement in the world today. Along with one of his theological clones, Rob Bell, they have successfully deceived millions of people into believing a false and damnable gospel of inclusivity. And now, the Southern Baptist Convention is dragging its members right into these doctrines of demons without any accountability.

The description of this video reads, “Jesus was radically inclusive. His love movement ran counter to cultural norms and religious expectations of the day. He went out of his way to care for people whom society had rejected – from disabled people, to conquering military oppressors, to prostitutes.” It then says “Jesus invited all to participate in the love, but not everyone was interested.” But that’s not at all what Jesus did. Jesus never invited all to “participate in the love.” That’s ridiculously absurd and Kevin Ezell knows it. Every single encounter that Jesus had with people was for the sole purpose of calling them to repent and believe in Him. You will not find the word “repent” anywhere on He Gets Us materials—it is non-existent.

Here’s another video promoting Jesus as a “good example” rather than the Holy God deserving of all of our worship. In this video, they claim that Jesus “felt pressure” to be a “good example.” Jesus never “felt pressured” to do anything. Jesus is God and He came to Earth to accomplish His will.

And check out this completely false gospel in this next video. In this video, He Gets Us claims that Jesus “never raised his voice.” Apparently, the foolish people behind this movement are unfamiliar with Jesus when he encountered the money-changers in the temple in John 2:13-16. What did Jesus do? Well, the Scriptures say that Jesus yelled at them, turned over their tables, and made a whip of cords to drive them out.

I’m pretty sure Jesus would do the same to the people blaspheming his name behind the He Gets Us movement. In this video, they say that “Jesus has to control his outrage too.”

These people are not Christians, they are blasphemers. This movement is designed to lead people to Hell. Why would a so-called “conservative” denomination want to partner with a group that promotes a false gospel? The gospel behind this movement is a gospel of works. A gospel of do-goodism. It is not a gospel that elevates the name of Christ above all names and calls all people everywhere to turn from their sins and turn to Christ. It is a gospel that affirms that “feelings” and “emotions” and validates people. They make Christ into their own image and we all know exactly where that form of idolatry leads.

If your church is promoting the garbage coming out of this group, it’s time to leave your church.

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