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SBC President Bart Barber Joins Homosexual on Leftist Propaganda Outlet to Bash Conservative Southern Baptists

by | Oct 7, 2022 | LGBTQ Issues, News, Religion, Social-Issues, The Church, Video | 0 comments

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The 2022 Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) Annual Meeting resulted in a blow to conservatives in a roughly 60-40 vote for the presidential office for Bart Barber against his conservative opponent, Tom Ascol. As we’ve been documenting, the Southern Baptist Convention has experienced severe liberal drift over the past decade which the liberals, themselves, have completely denied.

One prominent Southern Baptist pastor and former president who lauds his openly gay son’s preaching as “faithful” proclaimed that “there is NO DRIFT. NONE.”

Since Barber’s presidential tenure began, conservatives have been dropping from the SBC in droves and conservative churches have been removing themselves from it as its focus has shifted from the gospel to concerns of the world. At the top of the SBC’s agenda is a sex abuse scandal whereby the denomination has been embroiled in a faux investigation conducted by feminists, LGBTQ activists, and secular investigators in an attempt to discredit conservatives in the denomination as “abusive” and tie it to their conservative beliefs—namely, complementarianism.

Of course, we decry any form of actual sex abuse, but the vast majority of these allegations that have been made by numerous women are bogus and nothing more than the biblical doctrine of complementarian theology being carried out and enforced within churches. Actual sex abuse cases that have been identified by this investigation where crimes have been committed have also been shown to have been dealt with properly. Of course, there is a handful that has slipped through the cracks, but the entire scam isn’t aimed at justice for the allegedly abused, it’s aimed at discrediting conservatives and conservative theology. Nothing more, nothing less.

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And SBC president, Bart Barber has deeply imbedded himself in the fray of this secularized movement and it has been bought into by nearly every well-known pastor or leader in the denomination.

But Barber has taken his slander against conservatives to a new level. You may remember last year when we reported that former SBC president, Ed Litton, went on the leftist media outlet MSNBC to trash Southern Baptists. During that program, the host, Joshua Johnson, lectured Litton that Southern Baptists passionately engaging with progressives, homosexuals, and people with differing politics is “unbiblical” and instead of offering correction, Litton offers up that he agreed with him that essentially, Christians, especially Southern Baptists, are mean.

Now, Barber is following in Litton’s footsteps as he joins homosexual 60 Minutes host, Anderson Cooper, to further trash Southern Baptists as being complicit in covering up sex abuse.

Of course, homosexuality is the worst kind of sex abuse and is listed in Scripture as among the worst sins, far worse than heterosexual immorality according to Romans 1. And yet, Barber apparently has no problem joining with a practicing homosexual to trash conservative Southern Baptists over allegations of “sex abuse” of which the vast majority amount to no more than a crude comment at some point at worst, but likely just simple enforcement of biblical gender roles in church ecclesiology.

While the entire episode has not been released yet (we will certainly follow up with more once it’s released), another clip from the episode shows Barber trashing more conservative Southern Baptists who have legitimate concerns about the integrity of the 2020 election.

When asked if he believes that the election was “stolen,”—framed in such a way to make it sound like election integrity is an absurd conspiracy theory—Barber emphatically replies “no” and that he emphatically believes that Joe Biden is the rightful and legitimate president, case closed, no questions asked.

Of course, a large portion of Southern Baptists believes that election integrity is an issue well worth looking into and it has been shown repeatedly that there are real questions that need to be answered about the election, including states changing election laws without the approval of their respective houses of Congress. But I digress, this isn’t about the election, this is about the Southern Baptist president going on leftist news outlets to trash Southern Baptists, paint himself as a hero in their eyes, and appease them.

This should come as no surprise as Barber is a fierce and implacable defender of one of the most apostate pastors to ever masquerade as a shepherd of God’s people in the Southern Baptist Convention, Dwight McKissic. McKissic has been divisive, race-baiting, and a promoter of pro-homosexual, pro-abortion political and judicial candidates around the nation for years while vilifying pro-life conservatives. McKissic, a pastor, even recently called for some abortions to remain legal in the wake of the expected Supreme Court Roe decision.

Bart Barber is primarily interested in “unity”—and right now, the Southern Baptist Convention has a superficial unity like never before seen.

Barber isn’t serious about doing what it takes to bring the Southern Baptist Convention back into a right relationship with God or honoring the covenant that Christ has with the Church. He isn’t interested in following the Apostle Paul’s commands to purge the unrepentant sinners, heretics, and false teachers from among us. He isn’t interested in defending the sheep from the insatiable appetites of the wolves seeking to devour us all. He’s only interested in maintaining that superficial unity and a good rapport with the secular left that hates us at whatever cost—including the gospel itself.

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