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Gross: The Gospel Coalition’s Gay Priest Says He Wears a Wedding Ring Because Jesus is “Pursuing” Him

by | Oct 1, 2022 | Cult, LGBTQ Issues, News, Religion, Social-Issues, Video | 0 comments

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The “same-sex-attracted” gaggle of self-described eunuchs of Evangelicism have created an entirely new religion that revolves around their aberrant sexual desires. Most of these men and women come out of The Gospel Coalition’s push to normalize same-sex desires and include men like the gay Anglican priest, Sam Allberry, Jackie Hill Perry, and a new rising star in the movement, Christopher Yuan, who believes that people can openly have pedophilic attractions and still be Christians.

Allberry describes himself as someone who has “sexual, romantic and deep-emotional attractions to people of the same sex.” While Allberry is insistent that he does not act — physically — on his sexual desires, he does deny that his desires could ever change and is the founder of a “ministry” that promoted man-to-man intimacy so long as it stopped short of bodily penetration.

Sam Allberry has been co-opted by organizations like The Gospel Coalition and the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission to move the Evangelical Overton Window on homosexuality. To be clear, we’re not accusing Allberry of, himself, practicing homosexuality in a physical sense. He claims to be “celibate” and we will take him at his word. However, he, too, is obsessed with speaking and preaching on issues of homosexuality which typically include normalizing “same-sex attraction” and treating it as an “affliction” that one must live with for the rest of their life rather than a sin that must be repented of.

Despite that, Allberry’s weird view of the Christian’s relationship with God doesn’t stem from Scripture, it is rooted in his aberrant sexual desires. Listen to Allberry in the video below describe his relationship with Jesus in a Romantic (Greek: eros, where we get the word “erotic”) manner that is contrary to the type of Agape love God has for His people.

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As Harris says in the video, it’s really just weird and there aren’t many words to describe it. Yet, this is the direction that Evangelicalism is leading us when it comes to our views on sexuality.

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