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BREAKING: Adam Greenway Reportedly Resigned His Post as President of Southwestern Seminary

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According to multiple news reports, the president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has resigned though no official statement has been released by the seminary as of yet. Baptist News Global, a far-left religio-political news and commentary website, has claimed that it has independently confirmed the news through its own sources.

“BNG confirmed the news through four independent sources with direct knowledge of the situation. Late Thursday night, social media posts from seminary alumni and SBC observers were treating the news as accomplished fact,” the BNG report said.

Greenway is reportedly suspected to be a candidate for the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee president, one of the highest offices in the denomination.

Adam Greenway, an egalitarian progressive who defends women in the pulpit and relentlessly defended former Southern Baptist president, Ed Litton, during his plagiarism scandal, took office nearly four years ago after conservative president, Paige Patterson was forced out amid allegations of covering up sexual abuse.

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Greenway, who says you must be a Marxist in order to be fully pro-life, who compares conservatives to 1965 segregationists, and spent most of the 2021-22 SBC fiscal year defending former Southern Baptist president and serial plagiarist, Ed Litton, has now gone head-over-heels twisting the meaning of Scripture and the creeds of the denomination to defend ordaining women to the pastorate.

As we wrote previously, after the SBC Credentials Committee, which is led by a woman, opted against recommending disfellowshipping Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church for ordaining women pastors, Greenway went out of his way to defend that decision.

He then went on to double down on that and take it even further by arguing that the Southern Baptist Convention’s statement of faith actually prohibits requiring member churches to adhere to the statement of faith. After a social media user suggested amending the SBC Constitution to require churches to adhere, he posted:

Over a month later, he’s still on Twitter trying to make his case for women pastors. Today, he published the following tweet pointing to a Lifeway “study guide” on the Southern Baptist Convention’s Baptist Faith and Message 2000 (BFM2K) arguing that the definition of “pastor” in the BFM2K is limited to the office of “senior pastor.”

Greenway has been contradicted by more moderate-conservative SBC leaders like Al Mohler who argued at the annual meeting that there was no ambiguity in the definition of pastor and that because Southern Baptists are “confessional,” we need to stick to the author’s original intent of the denomination’s confession of faith.

As we await an official statement, this story will be updated.


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