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The Southern Baptist Convention is Useless and Deserves Nothing But Mockery

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Last night, one of the worst possible candidates to lead the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) defeated the conservative candidate in a landslide victory. In reality, liberalism, wokeism, egalitarianism, feminism, and lack of integrity defeated biblical Christianity in the 2022 Southern Baptist Convention presidential election by over 20 percentage points. Bart Barber defeated conservative pastor, Tom Ascol, in the election taking nearly 61 percent of the vote to Ascol’s 38 percent. It was a bloodbath.

I supported Tom Ascol and I truly hoped that he would win—but knowing the direction the SBC has taken over the last decade, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he didn’t stand a chance. Remember, this is the same denomination that couldn’t even muster up enough votes for a moderate, long-standing establishment candidate, Al Mohler, in 2021 over the far-left ideologue, Ed Litton.

The fact of the matter is that the SBC is done. It no longer serves its intended purpose, it hasn’t for years, and there is no sign of it returning to a state where it honors God by carrying out the Great Commission according to the Scriptures and teaching people rightly how to obey the commandments of Christ. Instead, the institutions of the SBC—which Southern Baptists support through their tithes and offerings—have embraced worldly philosophies and adopted the methods and structures of the pagan culture because, as Southern Baptist establishment leader James Merritt says, “the world is watching.”

What is redeemable within the SBC at this moment? Not much. One could argue that Southern Seminary could be salvaged—Al Mohler, the seminary’s president appears to be desperately attempting to rebrand himself as against the influx of liberalism. Time will only tell if he’s serious about it or not, and serious changes would have to be made at the seminary. But other than that, seriously, not much.

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The denomination’s publishing arm, LifeWay, has been documented for years for its peddling of heresy. As recently as January of this year, we showed that the entity is still selling “gay Christianity” books by Revoice. LifeWay has always placed profits above doctrine.

The International Mission Board (IMB) sends women, by themselves, overseas and pays them to literally do nothing for years at a time. It sends ill-equipped missionaries around the world, arguably the vast majority of whom have no idea what the gospel is or how to articulate it.

The North American Mission Board (NAMB) and its child organization, SEND Relief, are corrupt and caught up in multiple financial scandals involving payoffs to friends and their ministries who aren’t even Southern Baptists. NAMB president, Kevin Ezell is a horrible man who pursued an open-borders pro-mass immigration George Soros lackey to lead the SEND Network. NAMB also uses SBC tithe dollars to send “urban” pastors to the SBC annual meeting to vote for establishment candidates while ignoring the rural pastors who are more likely to vote conservative.

And, of course, there is the ERLC, an entity that has gone completely rogue. The ERLC has spent the last year undermining the will of the messengers at the 2021 meeting where a strong anti-abortion resolution was passed. Since then, the ERLC has spent countless hours contradicting the anti-abortion resolution and instead, advanced its own liberal abortion agenda calling for a softening stance against abortion and not making abortion completely illegal and punishable, but, instead, creating an environment of social welfare to bribe mothers into keeping their children with government handouts.

This year, Bart Barber, who served as the president of the Resolutions Committee (and also just won the presidency), advanced a new resolution undermining last year’s strong resolution. This new resolution, Resolution 7, strikes out strong clauses calling for the equal protection of the unborn and replaces them with pro-ERLC propaganda.

And of course, we have rampant egalitarianism gaining ground within the denomination’s churches. Prior to the conservative resurgence, the SBC was being overtaken by egalitarianism, feminism, and progressivism. This led to a split in the denomination and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, a full-blown apostate split from the SBC, was formed.

Today, we are right back where we were in 1979. One of the denomination’s largest churches, Saddleback Church, which is pastored by the retiring Rick Warren, recently ordained three women “pastors.” The church was then referred to the SBC’s Credentials Committee, which is responsible for determining whether or not churches are eligible to remain in fellowship with the Southern Baptist Convention based on their adherence to the Baptist Faith and Message and other rules for cooperation.

While it has remained the official Southern Baptist policy since the conservative resurgence that the office and function of the pastorate are reserved for men, a strong egalitarian movement in the denomination in recent years has called that policy into question. Progressive entity heads like Adam Greenway, president of Southwestern Seminary, are even arguing against this policy and supporting the Credentials Committee’s decision not to disfellowship Saddleback.

And here is the “relevant language” that Greenway quoted:


Of course, the “relevant language” Adam Greenway cites actually makes the case against him and for the disfellowship of Saddleback. Ordaining women to the pastorate is not only unbiblical, similar to the practice of homosexuality, but it is also by very definition NOT “closely identified” with the Convention’s adopted statement of faith.

One of the few willing to speak out against this obvious tactic to shove this false doctrine down the throats of Southern Baptists was Al Mohler. This should not be treated as a blanket endorsement of Mohler, but his rebuke of the Credentials Committee was certainly spot on. “My concern is as a churchman, a theologian, and someone who loves this convention,” Mohler stated, “if we eventually have to form a study committee over every word in our confession of faith then we’re doomed, and no longer a confessional people.”

Bart Barber, the new Southern Baptist Convention president, is in full support of this egalitarian movement. Further, Barber has demonstrated that his only actual conviction for or against anything is that having convictions is bad. Barber has been a staunch defender of his predecessor, Ed Litton’s serial plagiarism.

Barber, who represents the Unity Over Integrity™ wing of the Southern Baptist Convention is the full manifestation of this idea made flesh. In fact, as we reported yesterday, Barber was among the lone wolves in the entire denomination who actually had the gall publicly defend former SBC president, Ed Litton’s serial plagiarism scandal.


You can rest assured that the establishment who fawned over his “courage” and “conviction” to be non-convictional, will now rally to show their support for the president that meets—no, exceeds—their highest ever expectations. This is the Southern Baptist Convention today. It is where this denomination is. It is a dumpster fire, apostate, under the judgment of God and is led by the prophets of Baal—and it should be treated as such.


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