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Revoice Leader and SBC Seminary Grad Calls on Christians to Repent for Signing Statement on Biblical Sexual Ethics

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Revoice is a conference that promotes “gay Christianity” and has actually advocated for homosexual Christian relationships and for, of course, calls for an end to the “victimization” of homosexuals, to which they coined the term “sexual minorities.” Preston Sprinkle, one of the co-founders of Revoice, refers to sexually confused men who dress, think, and act like women, as “theologically conservative.” And his ministry co-founder, Nate Collins, advocates for gay couples — or even triples — living together in “celibate” marriage-like arrangements that include man-to-man intimacy so long as it stops short of bodily penetration.

One prominent false teaching of the Revoice/Living Out movement is the comparison of Jesus on Earth to transgenderism. As such, they teach that Jesus had a type of “body dysphoria” that, like transgender people, caused him to feel out of place.

Nate Collins is an SBTS graduate whose dissertation on “Gender Identities” was read and approved by Dr. Jarvis Williams. Collins’s teachings on Jesus’ alleged “body dysphoria” have been pushed in David Platt’s McLean Bible Church and other Evangelical outlets.

Now, Collins is calling on Christians and leaders who signed the Nashville Statement—a statement that affirms a biblical view of human sexuality, God’s design for marriage, and upholds a biblical view of sex and gender—to “repent” of signing it and have their names removed.

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In a Twitter thread, Collins writes:

The Nashville Statement is 5 years old today. Here’s how to repent from signing it

Today is the 5th anniversary of the release of the joint @CBMWorg and @ERLC#NashvilleStatement. Many sexual and gender minorities who adhere to the historic, biblical sexual ethic experienced the NS as a form of spiritual abuse. We felt bullied into compliance by evangelical leaders who were our spiritual heroes. The NS reduced us to pawns in a culture war and coerced us to fight a battle that we did not believe was biblical. It also robbed us of language that we believe has enabled us to be faithful to scripture, as well as honest about our experience.

If you signed the Nashville Statement, but now see how it has harmed those whom our Savior has described as “the least of these”, here are some suggested steps you can take to repent:

1. Contact CBMW and ask to have your name removed.
2. Share with your friends and co-signers your decision and why you chose to remove your name.
3. For those you know personally who were negatively impacted by your participation, reach out and apologize.
4. For those who were harmed that you do not know personally, share publicly about your change of mind. (Post, tweet, or hey, even reach out to Christianity Today and see if they would be interested to do a piece. I suspect it would rate as newsworthy.)

Making mistakes—even big ones—does not have to be the end of the story, unless you let it be so. Just ask Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, Peter, or Paul.


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