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Russell Moore Enters the Deconstruction Queue at Christianity Today as He Takes Over as Editor in Chief

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Christianity Today, better labeled “Christianity Astray,” was founded by the late Billy Graham and has been a staple in Christian news and commentary for decades yet now has become one of the primary outlets for anti-Christian ideology cloaked in Christian garb.

In one article a few years ago, Christianity Today called Jesus’s faith into question. The article, Jesus Was the God-Man, Not the God-Superman, starts by teaching us that Jesus being tempted somehow translates to Jesus doubting his own identity–something the Scriptures never actually say.

The article reads:

What we learn here is that the real human Jesus could be tempted—though he did not sin. Indeed, temptation is not a sin. And we learn that the real human Jesus comes face to face with doubts about his identity. But hearing and even having these doubts is not the same as buckling under their weight. By the end of the temptation story, we witness Jesus’ resilience and determination. Soon, the angels come to care for him. Perhaps they give him food and drink to refresh his body, but it’s possible that Jesus may have needed spiritual reassurance of God’s presence as well. Jesus passes the test, but his faith may have taken a heavy beating.

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Now, if that isn’t one of the most blasphemous pieces a so-called “Christian” publication could muster up, it’s unclear what could be worse. Yet, the publication’s proclivity toward leftist ideology and its hostility toward biblical teaching is evidence that this apostate publication will be well-served by its incoming Editor-in-Chief, Russell Moore.

A few years ago, Christianity Today’s Editor in Chief, Mark Galli, deconstructed his faith and left Evangelicalism altogether. Galli, who was staunchly against Donald Trump and spent much of his time and effort writing against him and lambasting those who voted for him, eventually became a Roman Catholic.

As it seems, the Editor in Chief position at Christianity Today appears to be a queue for deconstruction and apostasy.

Like his predecessor, Russell Moore spent an inordinate amount of time during Donald Trump’s presidency bashing conservatives and Christians who voted for Trump as traitors, White Christian Nationalists, and any other slur he could come up with to alienate them. And Moore is no stranger to deconstruction himself as he has all but denounced biblical Christian theology for the “woke church” movement.

Whether it be Moore’s breaking bread with the gay community, his softening tone on homosexualityreferring to Jesus as an “illegal alien,” promotion and teaching of inherent “white guilt” by sole virtue of skin color, yoking with Democrat and socialist groups, serving as an editor for a Catholic magazinecoddling the transgender communitypartnering with animal rights groups and referring to animal rights as a “gospel issue,” fighting for the right to build an Islamic mosqueaccepting donations from billionaire leftists like George Soros to advance open-borders and amnesty, publishing articles claiming that the Bible affirms gender fluidity, or making the absolutely asinine claim that Western culture is demonic, one thing is for certain, Russell Moore‘s agenda wasn’t just social justice, but overtly progressive and unbiblical.

It seems like Russell Moore will be completely at home in this spot at Christianity Today—and my gut tells me that this is one of his final steps before he completely abandons the Christian faith altogether. I pray that his eyes will be opened.


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