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Desiring God Author Favorably Promotes Pro-Abortion Activist Who Defends Legalizing Abortion

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From a Christian perspective, there should be no argument that abortion is murder, is always wrong, and the innocent should be afforded the God-given right to protection against it by the civil government. But it isn’t just Pagans that are now defending abortion rights as the Supreme Court overturns Roe—professing Christians are coming out of the woodwork in droves.

In fact, even though we understand the decision will have little effect nationwide, at least for now, on the number of abortions performed, arguably one of its greatest effects is to expose those “Christian” leaders who have marketed themselves as “pro-life” and “conservative” as frauds.

Such has been the case for many that we have reported on at The Dissenter. We’ve had multitudes of so-called “conservative Christian leaders” including Southern Baptist pastors like Dwight McKissic calling for its legality, ERLC president Brent Leatherwood arguing for decriminalizing mothers who seek them, to board members of Mark Dever’s 9Marks ministry “liking” multiple pro-abortion tweets.

But now we can add another to the list. Marvin Olasky, an author for John Piper’s Desiring God ministry, tweeted favorably, calling it “brilliant,” that another author, Andrew Sullivan defended the legality of abortion.

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This followed another tweet from earlier this year where Olasky argued that law on its own won’t stop abortion so we should instead support Democrats and social justice.

Of course, this flawed logic has been thoroughly refuted already, but let’s test this same logic and see if it would work. Would Marvin Olasky be okay with the following statements?

Adolph Hitler’s Mein Kampf: Selected writings can help conservatives escape the echo chamber prison. But he writes brilliantly and says flat out that “killing Jews is always wrong” (while defending its legality).


Law on its own won’t stop killing non-white people. We need more heroines who volunteer to try to persuade KKK members not to kill them.

Do you think he’d go for that? Doubtful. What Olasky’s logic demonstrates is that he doesn’t actually value unborn children as made in the Image of God and worthy of protection, even if he gives lip service to it. His actions and his ideas speak much louder than what he states. But this is the face of “conservative” Evangelicalism. We need to stop letting these people speak for us.


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