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Southern Baptist Seminary Head, Adam Greenway, Continues to Argue for Women Pastors

by | Jul 27, 2022

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One of the highlights of the 2022 Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting was when Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, one of the largest Southern Baptist congregations in history, was brought to the floor for a debate on disfellowshipping. Rick Warren made headlines last year when he ordained three women to the pastorate of his church—a direct violation of both Scripture and the Southern Baptist Convention’s official statement of faith.

Warren then attempted to justify his actions by pointing to Acts 2:17-18. This passage, which has nothing at all to do with the office or the function of a pastor or elder in a local church, Warren used to justify his church’s rebellion against God and his roles for women and men in the Church. By Warren’s logic, the use of this passage to justify women pastors would also justify little kids into the pastorate. It’s simply absurd.

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But no fear, Adam Greenway is near. Adam Greenway, the president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, has been on a mission since the annual meeting to undermine Scripture, defend Rick Warren, and argue in favor of women pastors.

Greenway, who says you must be a Marxist in order to be fully pro-life, who compares conservatives to 1965 segregationists, and spent most of the 2021-22 SBC fiscal year defending former Southern Baptist president and serial plagiarist, Ed Litton, has now gone head-over-heels twisting the meaning of Scripture and the creeds of the denomination to defend ordaining women to the pastorate.

As we wrote previously, after the SBC Credentials Committee, which is led by a woman, opted against recommending disfellowshipping Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church for ordaining women pastors, Greenway went out of his way to defend that decision.

He then went on to double down on that and take it even further by arguing that the Southern Baptist Convention’s statement of faith actually prohibits requiring member churches to adhere to the statement of faith. After a social media user suggested amending the SBC Constitution to require churches to adhere, he posted:

Over a month later, he’s still on Twitter trying to make his case for women pastors. Today, he published the following tweet pointing to a Lifeway “study guide” on the Southern Baptist Convention’s Baptist Faith and Message 2000 (BFM2K) arguing that the definition of “pastor” in the BFM2K is limited to the office of “senior pastor.”

First and foremost, one of the original authors of the BFM2K, Al Mohler, has already emphatically stated that Greenway’s interpretation is incorrect. You can watch that rebuke below if you haven’t already, but in short, he clearly states that ordaining women to the pastorate is a violation of the BFM2K.

That should be enough to put to rest the idea that the Southern Baptist Convention should be open to fellowshipping with churches that violate the Scriptures and rebel against biblical doctrine, but it isn’t. Greenway, and a growing number of vocal advocates for this kind of rebellion, are creating a movement and gaining ground.

These people don’t care about sound doctrine or even the souls of the people they are charged with guarding—they are man-pleasers and concern themselves with one thing: pleasing man in accordance with the whims of the pagan culture. Never mind that God has already defined what it means to be a pastor, the qualifications a pastor must meet, and the role of both men and women in the church.

The world demands we move into the 21st century, and men like Adam Greenway are hell-bent on carrying the Southern Baptist Convention into it—and Hell—in a handbasket. How much longer do we have to tolerate him before we recognize that he has no business training up pastors for the future generation of the Church?



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