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Kat Kerr Says She Saw Elvis in Heaven Playing Music to Jesus, And Celebrities are “Celebrated” in Heaven

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Kat Kerr, the pink-haired self-described “prophetess” has said some pretty bizarre things. This woman, who says she has visited Heaven thousands of times and retells her stories of people that she’s seen in Heaven and places that she’s visited, appears to be suffering from some sort of hallucinatory disorder.

Whatever it is, her endless delusional mind causes her to recount such things as places like Christmastown in Heaven where Santa Clause lives, visions of a “mock hell” where teenage girls who were tight jeans go to be cured of their immodesty, and a special place in Heaven called “Passionate Paradise” where celibates and virgins get to hang out.

She’s even declared that there are other eternal beings that have always co-existed alongside God.

So it should come as no surprise that the latest hallucination she recounts during her weekly episode with Steve Schultz of Elijah List is rather bizarre. In her most recent episode, she claims that she was flying around with the Holy Spirit in Heaven where they went to visit a little house with Elvis inside playing music to Jesus Christ.

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Asked by Schultz if she’d ever seen Elvis in Heaven, she responded, “”Absolutely, I’ve seen him more than once. She then proceeded to explain how celebrities are “celebrated” in Heaven, but not worshiped.

I did see Elvis, And the first time I did, I was being taken in certain areas of Heaven, and this beautiful garden there was a chapel…not a massive chapel, there are smaller places if you want to go there…and I heard music. I was with [inaudible] I was with the Holy Spirit at this time, and He moved the door open. There was also an angel with me. I guess they think I might get lost in Heaven, that’s just a joke, you can’t get lost in Heaven.

But they moved this door open and I could hear the music and it was Elvis playing, and he was playing to Jesus Christ.

All I can say about that is, uh-huh-huh.


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