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Kat Kerr Says There is a Special Place in Heaven for “Celibates,” Called “Passionate Paradise”

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Wow. This woman just continues to get crazier and crazier. It’s not enough to just blaspheme God and tell lies about Him, she has to make stories so outlandish, so weird, so unthinkable that even the most gullible people in the world wouldn’t fall for it. It’s as though she’s seeing just how far she can go with her host, Steve Schultz, to see if he will actually buy the garbage that she’s disposing of from her mouth.

And the weirdest thing about it is that he seems to be buying it. Though we can’t be sure about Schultz, you can see in Kat Kerr’s eyes that the drivel she spills she doesn’t even buy it herself. She knows she’s a literal circus clown, and she knows that her mockery is unbelievable.

Yet, drudging through the comments in her video feed, so many people are buying her claptrap it could only make one wonder if the ability of mankind to think rationally and reason using logic was also lost during the fall.

Kat Kerr–the crazy pink-haired “prophetess” who says that she saw visions of Christians being sent to a “mock hell” to be tormented by Satan for wearing jeans and make-up, who says that Santa Claus lives in Christmastown in Heaven, and who says that Michael Jackson is in Heaven–is back at it again with the crazy, made-up nonsense.

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Now, in her latest circus burlesque, she says that she is aware of a special place in Heaven for “celibate” people. That place, well, it’s called “passionate paradise,” and people go there all the time.

Well I know one place for certain that is one of their favorite places to go to because the Lord is in this one place…a lot. And it’s called ‘Passionate Paradise’.

It’s about passion for him. Those who had such passion for him, they just gave him everything. And not every person is called to do that, just to let you know. In the Bible, there were some he even called to do that. But yes, there actually is a place, I’m sure they will want to be in that place a lot since the Lord shows up.

And he comes to see who is there waiting to see him or to meet with him. So for sure Passionate Paradise in heaven is a place where people who dearly love Jesus, and have given their whole self to Him. You will, you could do things like the Father will give you his own song, they’re songs of adoration, and you’ll actually get to sing them to the Lord.

But it’s a beautiful, beautiful place. There’s liquid pools of every color of water I’ve ever seen in my life. I wasn’t there for very long, but it is for those who really adore Christ. And I’m sure that people who live that kind of life are totally wanting to go there when they get to heaven.



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