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Beth Moore Praises Pro-Abortion Pro-Homosexual Activist for Receiving “Public Understanding of Religion” Award

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Beth Moore is one of Evangelicalism’s foremost progressive activists who has used her platform to advance some of the most godless ideologies into the Church which are contrary to the doctrines taught in Scripture. Today, Moore exposed herself once again after praising a pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ activist, Anthea Butler for receiving the AAR Martin E. Marty Award for the Public Understanding of Religion.

So who is Anthea Butler?

Butler is a professor and chair of the University of Pennsylvania Department of Religious Studies. Butler is well-recognized on social media as a far-left activist advancing the cause of abortion rights and LGBTQ rights. Here are a few of Butler’s tweets:

Butler goes on to blame the SCOTUS decision to end Roe on “White Evangelical Racism,” as though that’s actually a thing.

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Beth Moore believes she deserves an award for public understanding of religion. Get that.

But there’s more. Butler isn’t just pro-abortion, she’s also pro-LGBTQ. There are several instances of Butler praising the work of “LGBTQ people” and advancing their cause.

And here she is, once again, blaming “White Evangelicalism” for trying to “destroy the lives of trans kids” and “lgbt persons.”

And here, she urges people to leave non-gay affirming churches and says about those churches that adhere to a biblical sexual ethic, “this isn’t Jesus.”

And yet, this is who Beth Moore praises. This is who the world praises because the world is against the Church, against God, and against His word. But this should come as no surprise as we already knew all of this about Beth Moore.

Beth Moore is wicked–she is an enemy of the Church. Whether it be her fanciful tales about meeting a stranger at a bus stop to give her money because “God told her to,” or outlandish dreams of God lifting her up in the air to envision Catholics and Protestants in ecumenical unity or her recent elbow-locking with heretics Joel Osteen, Matt Crouch, and Brian Houston, her hand holding with wolftress, Joyce Meyer, her quick jump to condemn an innocent high school kid in a racist media propaganda attack, her declaration that spending time with God is not the same thing as spending time in the Bible, or just outright denying the biblical responsibilities of Christians, one thing is for sure, Beth Moore is, in fact, one of the worst offenders of God when it comes to obedience to his Word.


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