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ERLC Leader That Called Trump Voters “Whores” Lectures Southern Baptists on “Tone”

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Last week, The Dissenter reported that ERLC vice-chair of the trustee board and prominent Southern Baptist pastor, Kevin Smith, took to the microphone at the SBC annual meeting during a panel discussion with Matt Chandler, Danny Akin, Mark Dever, and others, to lambast Trump voters as “whores.”

I’d love to know what some white brothers think about this. White (unintelligible). You mentioned ten years as a window and I’m less hopeful ten years later. I think some Southern Baptists lost their minds when a black man was elected president. Not all, but some.

I think some Southern Baptists were unloving to black people beginning in 2012 with the killing of Trayvon Martin. I don’t mean agree about politics or policy…I just mean giving a darn that somebody else is hurting who is supposed to be your brother or sister in Christ.

Needless to say, Smith’s comments received the praise and applause of the God-hating hate group, Occupy Democrats.

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Now, another video from the Southern Baptist meeting surfaced where this same man, Kevin Smith, lectured the attendees of the meeting on having a proper “tone” when confronting people.

So we know going into the scenario that we’re dealing with unclean, world, flesh-influenced people in scenarios. Do we come in like the Lord who says “come unto me all of you who labor and are heavy laden and I’ll give you rest?” Or do we come in like the Pharisees and the Scribes murmuring in Luke 15:1-2.

Tone is going to matter brothers and sisters!

The fact that this hypocritical man has the gall to lecture the rest of us on tone after calling us “whores” is simply baffling. But look at ERLC president, Brent Leatherwood, sitting behind him giggling, smiling, and nodding as he spews this garbage from his mouth.


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