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Elijah List’s Pink-Haired Prophetess Says Cows Drive Around on Tractors in Heaven

by | Jun 29, 2022

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Kat Kerr, the pink-haired self-described “prophetess” has said some pretty bizarre things. This woman, who says she has visited Heaven thousands of times and retells her stories of people that she’s seen in Heaven and places that she’s visited, appears to be suffering from some sort of hallucinatory disorder.

Whatever it is, her ignis fatuus causes her to recount such things as places like Christmastown in Heaven where Santa Clause lives, visions of a “mock hell” where teenage girls who were tight jeans go to be cured of their immodesty, and a special place in Heaven called “Passionate Paradise” where celibates and virgins get to hang out.

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She’s also said that there are eternal beings that are not God but have always existed alongside of God. Now, in her latest episode on Elijah List’s Steve Schultz podcast, Kerr says that there is a literal place in Heaven called the Mountain of Spices that she says smells like Pumpkin Pie.

I did have an encounter with the Father…. Just a short list of some of the places I’ve been taken to Heaven. There’s the Mountain of Spices which is mentioned in the Bible, is a literal place in heaven where it always smells like I say a pumpkin pie to me, that’s what it smells like. It smells like the fall. The leaves are always on the trees in the Mountain of Spices, but the leaves are like huge, this big.

Every purples and burgundys and oranges, the most vivid colors in heaven are in the Mountains of Spices, and every level you go up higher and higher, you smell another spice that you would probably have around in the fall. It’s an amazing place.

I’ve been to the Valley of the Falls where I saw over 50 Falls, waterfalls the first time I was taken. But I’ve seen over 150 waterfalls, at the top of the Mountain of Spices are these fantastic waterfalls that fall 200 feet, and you ride them down. You jump into the waterfall though this is in heaven, and you ride all the way down to the bottom into the River of Life. And you go into these huge flowers, like this the size of a house, and that’s where you land. And then you swim out the flowers, down the leaves, into these beautiful pools created by the River of Life.

This is just giving you a little, tiny, mini glimpse of heaven. I’ve also been to Passionate Paradise, which is all about the love of Christ. And He will take you there if you’ve done something amazing with your life for him. He will take you Passionate paradise and sing his own song to you. And then he puts a song inside of you and you begin to sing that song, and everyone in heaven can hear you no matter where they are- this is heaven I’m talking about.

..But I’ve been to the Galleria, which is where a lot of the artists go, every form of paint, they paint the sky with liquid paint, and it remains. Everyone who is an artist or who wants to learn to be an artist, you actually can go there and get classes from people who have that gift of art.

There’s also of course the Art Barn, where the kids go, and the cows drive the tractors, this is heaven. They also have the flower concerts, with the flowers all come together and sing.

And so all these are things that exist in heaven to give you a little glimpse of what’s there. Of course, there’s the roller coaster, the (rush in?) heaven that goes through the sky, not on a track-under the Crystal Sea. You can breathe the water. Even fish can fly in the sky- I’m talking about flying fish. So no matter what you think of the Earth, there’s no way your mind can consider some of these beautiful, amazing things that are in heaven…




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