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Prominent “Tithing Lottery” Pastor Teaches Heretical View of the Trinity

by | Jun 20, 2022 | heresy, News, Religion, The Church, Video | 0 comments

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A well-known and prominent pastor, Mike Todd, of transformation church made headlines earlier this year after he preached a sermon essentially turning tithing into a lottery where a lucky tither would win a million bucks. And prior to that, Todd made headlines in January 2022 for spitting in his hands and rubbing them into a congregant’s face as part of a “sermon” illustration.

Mike Todd has quite a following, both in his church and on social media. Yet, Todd appears to care less about the God of the Bible and more about a false god that he has created in his own image.

Todd is leading thousands upon thousands of people astray with his heretical teachings and bad illustrations. In his latest illustration, he taught a well-known heretical view of the Trinity known as modalism. In a video published on social media, Todd gives the water-ice-steam illustration of the Trinity which teaches that the Trinity is one God who manifests in three different “forms.”

This view is heretical because it teaches that the same actual substance can only exist in one form at a time, which is contrary to the biblical teaching that each member of the Godhead is the fullness of God co-existing eternally. This is impossible to demonstrate with any man-made illustration.

This follows Tony Evans’s false teaching on the Trinity just last week at the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting. Evans taught a similar heresy known as partialism, which teaches that each member of the Trinity is only a “part” of God and that the three together make up the whole.

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