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Prominent Megachurch Pastor Turns Tithing Into a Lottery, Gives Away a Million Dollars to Lucky Winner

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A prominent megachurch pastor, Michael Todd of Transformation Church—who made headlines in January 2022 for spitting in his hands and rubbing it into a congregant’s face as part of a “sermon” illustration—is now at the shenanigans again.

Todd announced during a recent sermon that because the tithing has brought in so much money, the church would now be giving away one million dollars to some lucky winners.

“Why don’t we talk about this,” Todd asked during the sermon. “During this series, we’re not asking for any offerings additional to what people already do in this church.”

He continues, “as a matter of fact, because of the generosity, the people who have already bought into this message, during this series, we’re giving away one million dollars.”

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“I know what God has done,” Todd shouted, “this is Million Dollar March.”

“We’re giving away, with no strings attached, a million dollars in one month.”

Of course, all of this “free money” talk has the crowd in a cheering uproar. These people who have “already bought into this message,” as Todd preached, are deceived into believing the false prosperity gospel and have exchanged the true saving gospel for that.

As reported by Protestia, Mike Todd is a big proponent of Robert Morris’s book, The Blessed Life, which is about as straight-up bible twistingly money-grubbing as it can get. He’s taught it to his church years ago, as a poor mid-20-year-old, and now is wearing a $20,000 Rolex and $2000 shoes years after they got the buy-in. He references it multiple times in this sermon, explaining how Morris’s program changed his life.

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