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As the World Enters World War 3, Southern Baptist Leaders Still Obsessed With Race

by | Feb 24, 2022 | News, Racialism, Social Justice, Social-Issues, The Church | 0 comments

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In case you’re completely unaware of global happenings, Russia invaded Ukraine overnight and has carried out military strikes all over the nation dismantling much of its military defense system and threatening to do much more unless the nation surrenders itself to the will of Vladimir Putin.

Not to go into detail about the war as I am not an expert; you can look that up for yourself. However, I can say emphatically that this is a much bigger deal than the petty obsessions of Southern Baptist elites—like racism.

As Putin advances into Ukraine, we can be assured that this affects the globe in a far more deleterious manner than Ed Litton, Russell Moore, and JD Greear’s imaginary plague of racism. In fact, it has the potential to devastate the global economy if not handled properly. And if Communism is to advance in this world, that has a direct effect on the global Church and evangelism.

Yet, Southern Baptist president, Ed Litton’s biggest concern right now is still…you guessed it, racism!

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Racism has been the Southern Baptist Convention’s pet obsession, actually, for decades. But it increased exponentially under the leadership of former ERLC president, Russell Moore. And despite that Moore is gone and despite the fact that racism, at least in the way it is presented by these progressives, does not exist to any significant degree, Ed Litton is still out marching around spending an inordinate amount of time apologizing for racism and calling for extra-biblical atonement.

At a recent Southern Baptist Executive Committee event, Litton went on to preach that it is absolutely necessary and pertinent for Southern Baptists to work to “remove the stain of racism” from the denomination. Litton, who is a serial plagiarist who has no actual original thoughts, essentially preaches from Al Mohler’s section in Jarvis Williams’s book, Removing the Stain of Racism from the SBC. The entire premise of the book, which has multiple contributors, is to “dethrone” white supremacy in the SBC by pro-actively inserting black people into positions of “power.”

During Litton’s speech, he states, “We all love to see progress. We love to hear great reports. We love to see good examples. But in order to do the Gospel that God has given us to do … we must regain moral credibility. We must deal with the stains on the Southern Baptist Convention.”

Basically, Litton is implying that the Church does not have “moral credibility” unless the SBC pro-actively engages in a social justice war against historic acts of “racism.”

The Christian Post reported:

“So how do we dare face the stains of our great family?” Litton asked before highlighting the 2017 book “Removing the Stain of Racism from the Southern Baptist Convention: Diverse African American and White Perspectives by Jarvis Williams and Kevin Jones.

“They have collected a series of essays by prominent SBC voices on the struggle we have had from our beginning with race. It was groundbreaking in many ways, because at its basic level, it admitted something that many have failed to admit in the past, and that is this is a historic stain.”

He then quoted heavily from a chapter written by Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.

“Racism is so insidious that it appears even when it is declared to have been eradicated. In 1995, on the 150th anniversary of the founding of the SBC, the denomination publicly repudiated its roots in the defense of slavery. That was a start, a horribly delayed but an important start,” Mohler wrote, as quoted by Litton.

“Today, far more is required of us. Repudiating slavery is not enough. We must repent and seek to confront and remove every stain of racism that remains and seek with all of our strength to be the kind of churches of which Jesus would be proud, the kind of churches that will look like the marriage supper of the Lamb.”

It is clear that Litton and the Southern Baptist elites who are obsessed with this whimsical racism fairy tale are completely out of touch with the world, the Church, and the real issues that the Church faces today. Already things are escalating in Ukraine, and if they continue to escalate, it’s going to affect us to the point that it could possibly tank our economy, take food off of our tables, massive inflation, and cause irreparable harm to the lives and livelihoods of people around the world, including Southern Baptists.

But even if that happens, you can rest assured that these men will still be preaching “racism! racism! racism!”

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