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TGC Author Who Spoke at ERLC Conference Says Jesus Learned Sermon on Mount From Mary

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Mika Edmondson, the pastor of Christ Presbyterian in Nashville, says that Jesus learned the Sermon on the Mount from his mother, Mary.

Edmondson is a regular contributor to progressive publications like The Gospel Coalition and spoke at the 2018 Southern Baptist Convention ERLC MLK50 conference. He has also contributed many videos and media to the Southern Baptist Convention’s ERLC.

Further, Edmondson’s wife, Christina, has been a staunch supporter of another blasphemous pastrix associated with the PCA named Michelle Higgins, who says that the Trinity is “queer.”

“The first Bible teacher that Jesus had was his mother…the things of the Magnificat are all coming out on the sermon on the mount…where did Jesus get that? Well, he got that from his mother.” Even if that were true, where does Mika think his mother “got that” from?

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The transcript below is courtesy of Woke Preacher TV:

I went to Johannesburg, South Africa…The pastor that was there that was helping to host us, he drove us from the airport…I noticed this large hill in the distance, and it had a completely flat top. He said, “You see that hill?” And I said, “Yeah.” He said that’s not a natural thing, that’s a manmade hill. That’s a mine dump where they would take material from the diamond trade and they would just dump it from this particular area.

I said, “Oh, wow.” He said, “But you know why it’s put right here?” I said, “Why?” He said the reason this mine dump is here is because the township of Soweto is on the other side. And the white South Africans, when they were coming into Johannesburg, did not want to look at the township on the other side. And so the mine dump keeps them from having to reckon with the human cost of their oppressive system.

And I would suggest that a lot of theology is like that mine dump. A lot of theology is constructed in such a way that it keeps us from having to reckon with the human cost of injustice, particularly racial injustice in America.

We have a theology that has comfortably co-existed with 250 years of chattel slavery, with Jim Crow, with the lynching tree, with segregation, with mass incarceration, with any number of things that you can name.

And you say, “Well, how can that be?” Well, it’s a theology that was deliberately constructed to be blind in certain places. So we say, why is it that the church is behind on issues of race? It’s because the theology is working as designed. And what that means is we need another theology, a biblical theology that actually tells us the truth and allows us to see the township.

It’s amazing that Jesus, when he was born, would [sic] chose to be born in a township.

With the Southern Baptist Convention platforming men like Mika Edmondson, applauding men like Rick Warren, and defending his decision to ordain three women pastors, while denouncing solid bible teachers like Voddie Baucham and Tom Ascol, is it really a surprise that the denomination is now under the judgment of God?

Editor’s Note: This article formerly stated that Edmondson was the pastor of New City Fellowship OPC, a Presbyterian church in Southeast Grand Rapids. This has been corrected to reflect the current PCA church he now leads.


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