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Worship Artist Who Recorded With Chris Tomlin and Matt Maher Comes Out as a “Non-Binary Lesbian”

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The Dissenter has chronicled the apostasy of many, many so-called Christian worship artists over the years. Ranging from one of Hillsong’s flagship ship singers, Marty Sampson to one of the founders of the highly popular band, D.C. Talk renouncing their faith altogether and even some bands, like Switchfoot, coming out in full support of homosexuality, there is no doubt that the worship music complex is a snare that attracts the unregenerate to it and creates an atmosphere ripe for apostasy.

Take Lauren Daigle, for another example. Daigle topped the Christian music charts for years which even landed her an appearance on the popular secular show, Ellen. Drawing widespread criticism from the Christian community, Daigle went on to explain in a later interview that she wasn’t sure if homosexuality was a sin.

The simple truth is that the contemporary worship music scene is attractive so long as it serves its purpose of launching one’s music career into stardom. Once that is achieved, God is no longer needed, their souls are sold to the devil, and they can live out the lust of their flesh openly.

That’s exactly what happened to Nicole Serrano, a worship artist who has recorded multiple songs with highly popular artists like Chris Tomlin and Matt Maher, who just came out as a “non-binary lesbian,” whatever that is.

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Serrano told The Advocate, a pro-LGBTQ publication, that she’s “come out as a lesbian and as nonbinary,” and is “using she/they pronouns.”

“The church she grew up in wasn’t affirming of queer people,” The Advocate reported. “Instead, it taught that they went to hell. It was a narrative Serrano internalized,” she told them.

Should we really be surprised by any of this? Should we really expect the contemporary worship scene, a highly ecumenical Christian-in-name-only for the most part movement that places its own glory above the glory of God, to produce anything other than apostates? The bottom line is that these movements are breeding grounds for apostasy and our churches continue to push this stuff down our throats. Why?

The commercialized Christian music industry not only enables this form of self-idolatry but promotes it to the degree that God’s glory is robbed from Him at many levels, including in churches. The vast majority of Christian contemporary music is produced by celebrity artists who’ve compromised on biblical truths in order to serve their own selfish desires.

The world wants to hear what these people say. The world likes it because what they say dismantles the biblical truths set forth by God in the revelation of His son Jesus Christ. The Biblical truths that we’ve held for so long–truths such as human depravity, the exclusivity of Christ, and God’s hatred of sin–are whitewashed with affirming antics and nuanced language that effectively stains the image of God from his perfect glory.


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