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Beth Moore Equates Fearing a Liberal Takeover With Hating Jesus and Loving Power

by | Jun 1, 2022

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Jesus is conservative, period. And anyone who attempts to make the case otherwise does not know Him or understand His word. To clarify, I am not saying that Jesus is a Republican, but Jesus is conservative—he is the absolute standard of conservatism.

Jesus is not woke. Jesus does not support abortion—he is not cool with people in his church having “differing opinions” on it. Jesus does not approve of the LGBTQ movement or call on Christians to stand up for LGBTQ rights like our former Southern Baptist president, JD Greear did. Jesus is not a socialist, a communist, or a Marxist—he does not chant “Black Lives Matter.”

And Jesus does not support progressive ideologies cloaked in Christian garb, either.

Yet, despite the fact that progressivism stands in favor of practically everything God hates, Evangelicals continue to try to paint this picture that Jesus is somewhere in the middle between progressivism and conservatism.

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Recently, Beth Moore did just that and tried to equate those who stand against the things that God hates as actually a hatred of Jesus.

Here, Beth Moore says that our “fear of liberalism” is somehow greater than our fear of the Lord. But, in actuality, what Moore calls a “fear of liberalism” is merely an expression of our righteous indignation toward the things that God hates. Our “fear of liberalism” actually stems from our fear of the Lord—if we did not fear the Lord, we would become progressive.

Of course, she finalizes her tweet with the assertion that “some of us” wouldn’t have liked Jesus, assuming, I guess, because Jesus was tolerant and accepting of liberal takeovers? Who knows? But we know that Beth Moore is part of the problem and definitely not part of the solution.

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