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Jackie Hill Perry Release Rap Video Saying Lake (of Fire?) Awaits White People Preaching Against CRT

by | May 20, 2022 | Apostasy, Feminism, LGBTQ Issues, News, Racialism, Religion, Social Justice, Social-Issues, The Church, Video | 0 comments

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Jackie Hill Perry, who recently made headlines after claiming that “God primarily deals with her in dreams,” says that you don’t need “discernment bloggers” to teach you how to spot false teachings.

In 2018, Hill Perry was featured in a prominent and widely-viewed “discernment” film titled American Gospel, which turned the spotlight largely on the Word of Faith gospel that has infected the American Church. Unfortunately, while this film did feature a number of solid, biblically sound teachers, pastors, and church leaders, including men like Paul Washer, John MacArthur, and Voddie Baucham, sadly, it included a number of compromised church leaders as well, including John Piper and Matt Chandler.

Hill Perry has since completely turned her back on the film and completely embraced the “woke church” gospel and mixed it with the charlatanry of absurdly false prophets including those from Bethel Church. In other words, she has completely embraced every error and heresy the film that she was once featured in set out to expose.

In the wake of her total apostasy, several discerning church leaders and laypeople have been sounding the horn on Hill Perry, including The Dissenter (formerly Reformation Charlotte), ProtestiaMichelle Lesley, and Justin Peters. Many more have been warning her as well, calling her to repent and believe the gospel, yet, she has dug her heels in and continued to separate herself from the true Bride of Christ.

Now, in her latest diatribe against the Church, particularly, against White Evangelicals, she just released a rap video contending that those people who “preach against CRT,” will have the lake waiting for us.

yeah one verse a week that’s my daily diet
y’all talk to much yall should try som silence
they shootin’ up some grocery stores where the sirens
they preach against CRT like it aint white boys
with AR’s that’s dreaming about killing
and stealing my body and tie it go lynching tree

I’m bout to buy back my granny house
gettin my own reparations I ain’t patient no
Now yuh satan gone play in the lake that was waitin
for us you playing I’m praying for love
what if I told you they stole us and told us
the Holy Ghost aint coming summoning blood
judgment is coming I’m running the race
and that racist the lake is just waiting for ya

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