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Lesbian Featured in Anti-Prosperity “American Gospel” Film Goes Full Prosperity Gospel

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The prosperity gospel, also known as Word of Faith, is a movement inextricably linked with the charismatic dreams and visions movements including various streams of Pentecostalism as well the New Apostolic Reformation. These aberrant movements, which were condemned under a similar movement in the early church as a heresy known as Montanism, teach that God continues to speak to us today similar to the way that He spoke to the prophets and apostles in former days.

It was this movement that the film, American Gospel, (rightfully) exposed and condemned when it was released in 2018.

Unfortunately, while this film did feature a number of solid, biblically sound teachers, pastors, and church leaders, including men like Paul Washer, John MacArthur, and Voddie Baucham, sadly, it included a number of compromised church leaders as well, including John Piper, Matt Chandler, and, worst of all, Jackie Hill Perry.

Jackie Hill Perry is one of Evangelicalism’s most sought lesbian speakers. Hill Perry–who has no qualification to ministry except that she raps and gives graphic details about how she used to sleep with other women while strapping on artificial genitalia–recently retold how God “told her” audibly in conversation with her that she doesn’t need to worry about being attracted to women.

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Jackie Hill Perry is a regular contributor to The Gospel Coalition (ten thousand search results), sells her books through the Southern Baptist Convention’s Lifeway and in Southern Baptist church book stores, and appears regularly at events with mainstream Evangelicalism’s regular speaking circuit.

Why the filmmaker, Brandon Kimber, thought it would be a good idea to include Hill Perry in this video is beyond rational reasoning—if only there had been people out there warning about her compromise and lack of qualifications to speak to the Church about a false gospel. Indeed, she is the epitome of a false gospel.

It wasn’t long after the movie was released that Hill Perry took to Twitter to defend herself partnering with some of the worst offenders of those she was enlisted by the filmmaker to speak out against—Bethel Church and Christine Caine. Now, Hill Perry, who is still paraded through mainstream Evangelicalism as though she is a reliable voice qualified to address the Church, exposes herself as fully embraced in the charismatic Word of Faith movement, and she’s taken it further than even many in that movement would.

“God primarily deals with me in dreams,” she wrote on Twitter. “I’ve been enlightened, warned, and led to intercede for others through them. But lately, I’ve had an increase of “inner unctions” by the Spirit, that arise in prayer, about people I know and don’t know. It’s deep.”

This statement, on its face, is false. Even those who don’t believe that the gift of prophecy is currently ceased do not believe that God “primarily” deals with anyone through dreams. God primarily deals with people not through dreams, but through Scripture. In fact, it is the only way that God speaks specifically to anyone or anything. But, again, even the continuationists don’t hold to what she claims here.

So listen to this bizarre story she tells in an oddly similar story to that of Abraham and Sara:

She then uses this coincidence, one that is a stretch to begin with, to conclude that if it didn’t come true, she was a “false prophet:

And then states that she has “years worth” of similar stories.

Folks, this is not Christianity, this is blasphemy. Not that The Gospel Coalition and the other various outlets that continue to platform her aren’t already apostate, this just solidifies that fact. None of these outlets that do should be given one iota of credibility from Evangelicalism.


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