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Popular Worship Band, Seventh Day Slumber, Goes Full Heresy With Faux Faith Healer Todd White

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Seventh Day Slumber is a highly popular worship band that is well known for songs like Lion and the Lamb and Mighty to Save. In fact, you probably have heard these songs in your mainstream Evangelical, Southern Baptist, or even Presbyterian churches on Sunday mornings.

But apparently, Seventh Day Slumber isn’t quite as theologically sound as some have been led to believe that they are. Seventh Day Slumber, in fact, appears to be all-in on the rank heresy promulgated by the faux faith healer, Todd White.

We’ve covered Todd White before and in fact, he made #23 in our False Teacher of the Day series. Here is a summary of Todd White’s false teachings and blasphemy from that article.

Todd White is the false teacher and faux faith healer who is known for his parlor tricks such as leg-lengthening and other fake healings. A simple perusal of White’s videos and teachings compared to Scripture easily reveals this to discerning Christians. Reformation Charlotte has run a number of articles exposing the false teachings of Todd White and will continue to do so.

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Todd White is a blasphemer. Todd White has made numerous claims about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit that are not only unbiblical and false but outright disgusting and horrible. For example, White once preached to his audience that Jesus climbs up into bed with you when you’re watching pornography and he “wants to be your climax.”

Todd White has also blasphemed the Holy Spirit by comparing Him to a “pooping dog.” In one video, we see Todd White comparing the Holy Spirit to a dog going outside to poop and then wagging its tail with excitement for being let back inside. The Scriptures compare dogs to unregenerate blasphemers and idolaters.

Todd White is also a narcissist–as are most charismatic false prophets–and has a habit of comparing himself to Jesus. He once said that Jesus didn’t defeat Satan as God, but as a man — which is false — and then used that to put himself on par with Jesus.

White has also made a number of false prophecies, including that all sexually transmitted diseases would be healed at his Awaken the Dawn conference–that prophecy never came to pass. He also claimed that a man he met (who says he didn’t know anything about Christianity) went to Hell and that Jesus showed up in Hell to save him.

And yet, here is Seventh Day Slumber teaming up with Todd White, the faux faith healer, blasphemer, and idolater.

When pressed, Seventh Day Slumber relentlessly defended Todd White and called anyone who would be concerned about his false teachings “Pharisees.”

And then questioned anyone who hasn’t “spent time on the streets or in the trenches loving on people,” whatever that means. Of course, you have to understand that what these people, like Todd White, are doing when they go out on the streets is preaching a false gospel—a prosperity gospel—and leading people away from the truth of Christ.

These are not “handpicked YouTube videos of Todd’s faults,” Todd is a false teacher, unqualified to teach or preach, and needs to step down out of ministry, repent, believe the true gospel, and find a solid Bible-believing church to submit himself to. And as for Seventh Day Slumber defending this devil, they, too, should step down, repent, believe the gospel, and stop promoting blasphemy.


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