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Karen Swallow Prior Says She Was In Tears After Southern Baptists “Trashed” Her “Pro-Life Creds”

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After Politico published a leaked draft of the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision on Roe v. Wade, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary professor took to social media to express her disdain for President Trump who is responsible for placing conservative justices in the nation’s high court. Prior argued that even though she claims to be pro-life, having Roe v. Wade overturned was not worth having Trump in office for four years.

After Prior’s statement, she continued to argue that she would have been in favor of waiting longer to overturn Roe v. Wade so long as it meant she wouldn’t have had to endure Donald Trump.


Of course, as any card-carrying progressive Evangelical would, Swallow Prior hijacks the pro-life movement to mean something that it actually doesn’t mean, and conflates it with social justice. To these social justice types, being pro-life doesn’t just mean protecting the lives of innocent unborn children at the hands of murderous mothers, fathers, abortionists, and abortion lobbyists, but it also means one must support socialism and hate Donald Trump.

In fact, these progressive Evangelicals are so obsessed with Donald Trump that nearly two years after the election, they simply can’t let it go—they can’t just be thankful that no matter what they think about the man, God used him for good in many ways.

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Swallow Prior’s rhetoric drew the ire of conservative Southern Baptists. According to a Washington Post article, Karen Swallow Prior was standing on her front porch in tears after conservatives “trashed” her “pro-life creds.” The article reports:

In response to her tweets, hundreds of Prior’s fellow Christian activists, including leaders in her Southern Baptist denomination, trashed her antiabortion cred:

“Jezebel — horribly, horribly wicked woman.”

“Enemies of God.”

“You’re complicit in the deaths of millions.”

By Wednesday, Prior stood on the same porch in tears.

The Washington Post article reported Swallow Prior as saying “I felt as a pro-life Christian, we were working together, whatever disagreements, politically or theologically we had, we were working together, we were fighting the culture. And now we are attacking each other. I have reservations about where the culture war mentality took us.”

To directly answer Prior’s gripe, no, we are not working together. In fact, biblical Christians are working overtime to oppose you, your worldview, and your postmodern pseudo-religious mindset. Your reasoning and irrational thinking stem from an absolutely deficient and sub-biblical epistemology and worldview and are irreconcilable with how Christians are commanded to think about social issues.

The article reports that Swallow Prior keeps newspaper clippings of her “arrests” and other pro-life paraphernalia that supposedly prove her pro-life credentials. Despite this, one cannot be consistently pro-life if one is not willing to do what it takes to protect the life of the unborn. Being pro-life has nothing to do with slave reparations or opposing January 6 protests. In fact, it doesn’t even have anything to do with standing against Black Lives Matter protests, even though she conveniently didn’t mention those. Why? Because that isn’t what being pro-life is about.

These leftists simply want to hijack the pro-life movement to advance their Marxist ideologies, most of whom have little to no understanding of what it is that they stand for. They are simply walking memes, destined to destroy, seeking to devour the things of God because their mindset is set on the flesh rather than the Heavenly.

This is Karen Swallow Prior—cry me a river. Repent!


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