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Kat Kerr Says Christopher Reeve is in Heaven Teaching People How to Fly

by | May 5, 2022

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Kat Kerr’s weekly program with Elijah List’s Steve Schultz should seriously just rebrand itself as a comedy show. At this point, anyone who still believes anything that this woman says should have their head checked. This woman, who says she has visited Heaven thousands of times and retells her stories of people that she’s seen in Heaven and places that she’s visited, appears to be suffering from some sort of hallucinatory disorder.

Whatever it is, her ignis fatuus causes her to recount such things as places like Christmastown in Heaven where Santa Clause lives, visions of a “mock hell” where teenage girls who were tight jeans go to be cured of their immodesty, and a special place in Heaven called “Passionate Paradise” where celibates and virgins get to hang out.

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Of course, what fun would it be in Heaven if kids couldn’t fly like Superman, though? No fear, Kerr now says, the Unitarian Universalist blaspheming heretic who says before he died that he had no connection with God is now in Heaven teaching people how to fly.

She tells Steve Schultz:

You do learn how to fly when you’re in Heaven. You learn, I don’t think you just instantly go there and start flying around the streets of gold, not where I’ve been shown, anyway. I think people wouldn’t know what to do. You’re actually trained in Heaven.

But I love God’s sense of humor because I happen to know that Christopher Reeve, who played the original Superman…and he was good at it, and he was a great guy. I know he died kind of early, but he is in Heaven. And what he does in Heaven is that he teaches everyone how to fly.

Reeve, on the other hand, had a completely different outlook. In his memoir, he wrote “Family, friends and well-wishers from around the world assured me that prayers and my faith in God would comfort me. I tried to pray but I didn’t feel any better, nor did I make any kind of connection with God.”



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