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Scotland’s Largest Protestant Church Slated to Approve Same-Sex Marriage This Month

by | May 2, 2022

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According to the Church of Scotland’s news publication, a majority of presbyteries, 29 out of 42, in the denomination now support legislation that was drafted last year that would allow ministers to officiate same-sex weddings if they wish to do so.

Commissioners will meet this month to decide whether or not the change in the Church’s law will stand as there is still much division over the issue within the denomination. Mike Goss, a minister in the presbytery of Angus who opposed the change, told Premier Christian News that some weren’t going to budge: “The group of folk are called traditionalists, folk who stand by the Bible, we’re not going away. We’re still there.”

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According to the Church of Scotland’s press release, “The Principal Clerk would maintain an up to date record of celebrants and they would be personally responsible for renewing their status every three years,” and “Only a parish minister who has become an celebrant will be permitted the use of a church building in their charge for the solemnisation of same sex marriages.”

Homosexual publications, however, are celebrating the news stating that “If the Church of Scotland were to legalise same-sex religious ceremonies, it would put itself far ahead of the Church of England, which has been floundering over the issue of marriage equality for years.”

The deterioration of traditional Protestant conservatism is clearly a sign of the great apostasy hitting the world. The Scriptures are clear that prior to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, a great falling away will happen first (2 Thessalonians 2:3).


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