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Baptist News Global Blames COVID Deaths on John MacArthur and Other Conservative Pastors on Twitter

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Leftists are out-of-their-mind scared to death right now that conservatives might have a chance of being able to speak freely and have open discourse on social media in the wake of Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter. But that fear isn’t limited to the political left, it’s also spread throughout the religious left—particularly, Baptist News Global.

Baptist News Global (BNG)—the same fake Baptist slander rag that published a political hit piece containing information from an abuse survivor who shared how God redeemed her marriage without her authorization—is now spreading more fear porn over Twitter’s sudden move to make speech free again. A few weeks ago, Rick Pidcock published a hit piece against Voddie Baucham calling him an abuser while twisting his views on biblical patriarchy and complementarianism after he announced his run for the Southern Baptist Pastors’ Conference presidency.

The bottom line: the only thing BNG knows to do is lie.

Now, Pidcock is back at it again, this time blaming John MacArthur and other conservative pastors for COVID deaths, the January 6 riot, and more, because they weren’t censored enough on Twitter. In his idiotic piece, What will Twitter’s $44 billion purchase do to theological discourse? Pidcock explains, “While the average person in the pew may not be following theology according to Twitter, some professional Christians spend hours a day on the platform. This mirrors the rest of America, where the majority of people do not use Twitter, but journalists, politicians and prominent social influencers use it heavily.”

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He then gives some “examples” of “what happens when the world’s richest man — who revels in his unpredictability — gains singular control over that influence.”

  • As COVID-19 spread throughout the world, eventually killing millions, pastor John MacArthur’s henchman Phil Johnson was bragging on Twitter about how careless Grace Community Church was being about health precautions.
  • Worship leaders such as Sean Feucht used Twitter to promote worship gatherings of 100,000 people at the National Mall that would mask a Republican political rally as an evangelical worship rally.
  • Then after Donald Trump was soundly defeated in the 2020 election, pastor Greg Locke was one of many evangelicals who used the platform to ramp up the rage against the media and the Democrats that led to the Jan. 6 insurrection attempt at the United States Capitol.

And while I certainly don’t have much in common with Locke or Feucht, like MacArthur and Phil Johnson, they are all conservatives who appreciate the right to speak freely in the public square—a right protected by the Constitution and affirmed by a 1997 Supreme Court ruling against the Communications Decency Act.

The bottom line is that these clowns, like Rick Pidcock, don’t believe that COVID deaths or Jan 6 riot were caused by conservatives speaking freely on Internet; they’re afraid that conservatives speaking freely on the Internet might cause them political loss in upcoming elections. Men like Pidcock are fearmongers and live in a perpetual state of fear. They thrive on instilling fear in their political opponents, but when the tides are turned, they cower because they know that they cannot survive without silencing dissent.


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