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Stupid Fake Baptist Publication Says Voddie Baucham is a Threat to Women, Children, and Daughters

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Yesterday, we reported that Voddie Baucham had confirmed that he had been asked to accept the nomination for the Southern Baptist Convention’s presidential office, the highest-ranking office in the denomination, amid news that an establishment candidate, Willy Rice, had already been nominated. Baucham, who is a favorite among the conservative wing of Southern Baptists, has expressed his desire to serve Southern Baptists and his belief that the denomination is worth saving from its current liberal drift.

Questions remain, however, if Baucham would be technically eligible for the presidency considering his status as an overseas missionary and his sending church’s—which is a Southern Baptist church in Georgia—stance on church membership. Essentially, his sending church believes and requires missionaries to join local churches where they are serving and it is unclear if, by Southern Baptist polity, Baucham would technically still qualify as a Southern Baptist.

Despite this, the moderates and progressives are already up in arms over the possibility that Baucham, a conservative Black man, might actually be elected to serve in the drifting-liberal denomination. For those who have continued to advance the ideas of Critical Race Theory and cultural Marxism, the notion that a conservative Black man who rejects ideas such as systemic racism, intersectionality, feminism, and professional victimhood literally scares them to death.

But it isn’t only those within the Southern Baptist Convention that Voddie Baucham intimidates—the fake Baptists over Baptist New Global are also afraid. Baptist News Global, where you’ll find the progressive Baptists such as the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, has been applauding the leftward drift of the Southern Baptist Convention. Yet, the remaining conservatives in the denomination typically draw the ire of its contributors.

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In a recent article at BNG, the author, Rick Pidcock explains how the election of Voddie Baucham would spell the end of life for women, children, and daughters. He writes:

…not everyone is fantasizing about Baucham’s potential rise to leadership in the SBC. Even some SBC insiders and traditionalists are concerned about Baucham’s influence. His potential candidacy is supported by the Conservative Baptist Network, a far-right group in the already very conservative world of the SBC.

To be clear, “far-right” is merely a slur to use against conservatives who actually believe and hold to conservative, biblical principles. It is used as a pejorative to describe anyone who has actual convictions about their own conservative beliefs and is non-nuanced, unambiguous, and unable to be persuaded with carnal and worldly arguments against their convictions like those establishment elites the Southern Baptist Convention is largely made up of.

Griping about a sermon Voddie Baucham preached on the doctrine of original sin—an essential doctrine in faith—Pidcock whines that children need to be liberated from the oppression of their parents.

In one sermon, Baucham explains to the roaring laughter of the crowd: “People who don’t believe in original sin don’t have children. … That’s a viper in a diaper. The angry cry happens early. The demanding cry happens early. The stiffening up of the body, that happens early. … One of the reasons God makes them so small is so that they won’t kill you. And one of the reasons he makes them so cute is so that you won’t kill them.”

Pidcock went on to argue:

R.L. Stollar, a child liberation theologian who advocates for survivors of abuse, details how Baucham’s comment was borne from a theology that combines the Calvinistic doctrine of total depravity with the complementarian doctrine of patriarchy in order to position men as animal control and police officers over their children.

Now, if “child liberation theologian” is a new term for you, let’s put it this way. Similar to the heresy of Black Liberation Theology that teaches the Marxist notion that the gospel’s main purpose is to “liberate” Black people from the oppression of White people, Child Liberation Theology teaches that children are inherently oppressed by their parents and also need to be liberated. Now, if that sounds absurdly stupid to you, it’s because it is. But this is their argument against Voddie Baucham—that he isn’t Marxist enough.

The bottom line, Pidcock explains, is that Voddie Baucham believes parents should spank their kids. Oh, the horror!

But he’s also upset that Baucham holds to biblical doctrines on marriage and the patriarchy. In Pidcock’s mind, for women to continually be oppressed by the biblical patriarchy is simply unacceptable. Male headship, as described by the Scriptures, is an outdated concept that we simply cannot live by anymore. And the doctrine of complementarianism—that men and women are equal but have complementary functions—is wickedness.

Perhaps Pidcock believes the other Southern Baptist Presidential candidate is not complementarian and does not believe in biblical patriarchy. It’s easy to see why; the other candidate preached a sermon defending Beth Moore’s rebellion against God while taking a jab at John MacArthur.

All of this aside, these wicked people will do whatever is needed to try to discredit Voddie Baucham. They are already attempting to discredit him by claiming he plagiarized parts of his latest book, Fault Lines—which has already been debunked. Yet, they’ll make false charges, slander and libel him, all in an effort to continue the inevitable apostasy of the Southern Baptist Convention.


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